High Energy Physics
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Publications 2010


Publications, E6
  1. Authors: Z.-K. Guo, D. Schwarz
    Title: Slow-roll inflation with a Gauss-Bonnet correction
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/01, arXiv:1001.1897 [hep-th] [ abs, pdf, ]
  2. Authors: C. Byrnes, K.Y. Choi
    Title: Review of local non-Gaussianity from Multifield inflation
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/02, arXiv:1002.3110 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  3. Authors: R.V. Gavai
    Title: Renormalized Polyakov loop in the fixed scale approach
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/03, arXiv:1001.4977 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  4. Authors: J. Langelage, O. Philipsen
    Title: The pressure of strong coupling lattice QCD with heavy quarks, the hadron resonance gas and the large N limit
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/04, arXiv:1002.1507 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  5. Authors: L. Alabidi, C. Byrnes, K.Y. Choi, K.A. Malik
    Title: How the curvation scenario, modulated reheating and an inhomogeneous end of inflation are related
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/05, arXiv:1002.1700 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  6. Authors: A. Natarajan, D. Schwarz
    Title: Distinguishing standard reionization from dark matter models
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/06, arXiv:1002.4405 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  7. Authors: D. Schwarz
    Title: Cosmological backreaction
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/07, arXiv:1003.3026 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  8. Authors: F. Kühnel, D. Schwarz
    Title: Large-scale suppression from stochastic inflation
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/08, arXiv:1003.3014 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  9. Authors: P. Castorina, R. Gavai, H. Satz
    Title: The QCD phase structure at high baryon density
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/09, arXiv:1003.6078 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  10. Authors: D. Besak, D. Bödeker
    Title: Hard thermal loops for soft or collinear external momenta
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/10, arXiv:1002.0022 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  11. Authors: D.J. Schwarz, D. Sarkar, D. Huterer, C.J. Copi, G.D. Starkman
    Title: Missing power vs. low-l alignments in the cosmic microwave background: no correlation in the cosmological standard model
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/11, arXiv:1004.3784 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  12. Authors: D.J. Schwarz, D. Huterer, C.J. Copi, G.D. Starkman
    Title: Large angle anomalies in the CMB
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/12, arXiv:1004.5602 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  13. Authors: A. Amblard, C. Byrnes, A. Coorey, D. Munshi, J. Smidt
    Title: CMB constraints on primordial non-Gaussianity from the bispectrum and trispectrum and a consistency test of single-field inflation
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/13, arXiv:1004.1409 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  14. Authors: C.P. Herzog, S.A. Stricker, A. Vuorinen
    Title: Hyperfine splitting and the Zeeman effect in holographic heavy-light mesons
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/14, arXiv:1005.3285 [hep-th] [ abs, pdf, ]
  15. Authors: C. Byrnes, M. Gerstenlauer, A. Hebecker, S. Nurmi, G. Tasinato
    Title: Inflationary infrared divergences: geometry of the reheating surface vs. delta N formalism
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/15, arXiv:1005.3307 [hep-th] [ abs, pdf, ]
  16. Authors: Y. Burnier, M. Laine, J. Langelage, L. Mether
    Title: Colour-electric spectral function at next-to-leading order
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/16, arXiv:1006.0867 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  17. Authors: A. Kurkela, P. Romatschke, A. Vuorinen, B. Wu
    Title: Looking inside neutron stars: microscopic calculations confront observations
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/17, arXiv:1006.4062 [astro-ph.HE] [ abs, pdf, ]
  18. Authors: C.T. Byrnes, K. Enqvist, T. Takahashi
    Title: Scale-dependence of Non-Gaussianity in the Curvaton Model
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/18, arXiv:1007.5148 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  19. Authors: C.T. Byrnes, M. Gerstenlauer, S. Nurmi, T. Tasinato, D. Wands
    Title: Scale-dependent non-Gaussianity probes inflationary physics
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/19, arXiv:1007.4277 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  20. Authors: J. Möller, Y. Schröder
    Title: Open problems in hot QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/20, arXiv:1007.1223 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  21. Authors: F. DiRenzo, E.-M. Ilgenfritz, H. Perlt, A. Schiller, C. Torrero
    Title: Two-point functions of quenched lattice QCD in numerical stochastic perturbation theory. (II) The gluon propagator in Landau gauge
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/21, arXiv:1008.2617 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  22. Authors: M. Laine
    Title: On bulk viscosity and moduli decay
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/22, arXiv:1007.2590 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  23. Authors: M. Laine, M. Vepsäläinen, A. Vuorinen
    Title: Ultraviolet asymptotics of scalar and pseudoscalar correlators in hot Yang-Mills theory
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/23, arXiv:1008.3263 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  24. Authors: C.T. Byrnes, S. Nurmi, G. Tasinato, D. Wands
    Title: Scale dependence of local f_NL
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/24, arXiv:0911.2780 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  25. Authors: F. Burger, E.-M. Ilgenfritz, M. Kirchner, M.-P. Lombardo, M. Müller-Preußker, O. Philipsen, C. Urbach, L. Zeidlewicz
    Title: Thermal transition temperature from twisted mass QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/28, arXiv:1009.3758 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  26. Authors: Z.-K. Guo, D. Schwarz, Y.-Z. Zhang
    Title: CMB constraints on the energy scale of inflation
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/29, arXiv:1008.5258 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  27. Authors: T.S. Pereira, M. Stuke, G.D. Starkman, A. Yoho
    Title: Effects of a cut, Lorentz boosted sky on the angular power spectrum
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/30, arXiv:1009.4937 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  28. Authors: J. Fleischer, T. Riemann
    Title: A complete algebraic reduction of one-loop tensor Feynman integrals
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/31, arXiv:1009.4436 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  29. Authors: J. Langelage, S. Lottini, O. Philipsen
    Title: Centre symmetric 3d effective actions for thermal SU(N) Yang-Mills from strong coupling series
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/32, arXiv:1010.0951 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  30. Authors: R. Horsley, G. Hotzel, E.-M. Ilgenfritz, Y. Nakamura, H. Perlt, P.E.L. Rakow, G. Schierholz, A. Schiller
    Title: Very high order lattice perturbation theory for Wilson loops
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/33, arXiv:1010.4674 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  31. Authors: M. Cheng, S. Datta, A. Francis, J. van der Heide, C. Jung, O. Kaczmarek, F. Karsch, E. Laermann, R.D. Mawhinney, C. Miao, S. Mukherjee, P. Petreczky, J. Rantaharju, C. Schmidt, W. Söldner
    Title: Meson screening masses from lattice QCD with two light and the strange quark
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/34, arXiv:1010.1216 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  32. Authors: B. Grzadkowski, M. Maniatis, J. Wudka
    Title: Note on custodial symmetry in the two-Higgs-doublet model
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/35, arXiv:1011.5228 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  33. Authors: C. Torrero, F. DiRenzo, E.-M. Ilgenfritz, H. Perlt, A. Schiller
    Title: NSPT study of the three-loop lattice gluon propagator in Landau gauge
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/36, arXiv:1010.5353 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  34. Authors: M.S. Cardaci, P. Cea, L. Cosmai, R. Falcone, A. Papa
    Title: Chromoelectric flux tubes in QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/37, arXiv:1011.5803 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  35. Authors: T. Gehrmann, E.W.N. Glover, T. Huber, N. Ikizlerli, C. Studerus
    Title: The quark and gluon form factors to three loops in QCD through to 0 (eps^2)
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/38, arXiv:1010.4478 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  36. Authors: H.-T. Ding, A. Francis, O. Kaczmarek, H. Satz, F. Karsch, W. Söldner
    Title: Charmonium correlation and spectral functions at finite temperature
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/39, arXiv:1011.0695 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  37. Authors: A. Francis, F. Karsch
    Title: Continuum extrapolation of finite temperature meson correlation functions in quenched lattice QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/40, arXiv:1101.5571 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  38. Authors: J. Langelage, S. Lottini, O. Philipsen
    Title: Effective Polyakov-loop theory for pure Yang-Mills from strong coupling expansion
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/41, arXiv:1011.0095 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  39. Authors: M. Laine, M. Vepsäläinen, A. Vuorinen
    Title: Intermediate distance correlators in hot Yang-Mills theory
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/42, arXiv:1011.4439 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  40. Authors: F. Karsch, O. Kaczmarek, E. Laermann, C. Miao, S. Mukherjee, P. Petreczky, C. Schmidt, W. Söldner, W. Unger
    Title: The Phase boundary for the chiral transition in (2+1)-flavor QCD at small values of the chemical potential
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/43, arXiv:1011.3130 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  41. Authors: A. Mints
    Title: First, second and third massive stars in open clusters
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/44, arXiv:1012.4301 [astro-ph.SR] [ abs, pdf, ]
  42. Authors: N. Borghini. C. Gombeaud
    Title: Anisotropic flow far from equilibrium
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/45, arXiv:1012.0899 [nucl-th] [ abs, pdf, ]
  43. Authors: H.-T. Ding, A. Francis, O. Kaczmarek, F. Karsch, E. Laermann, W. Söldner
    Title: Thermal dilepton rate and electrical conductivity: an analysis of vector current correlation functions in quenched lattice QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/46, arXiv:1012.4963 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  44. Authors: R. Bonciani, A. Ferroglia, T. Gehrmann, A. v. Manteuffel, C. Studerus
    Title: Two-loop leading color corrections to heavy-quark pair production in the gluon fusion channel
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/47, arXiv:1011.6661[hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  45. Authors: A. Anisimov, D. Besak, D. Bödeker
    Title: Thermal production of relativistic Majorana neutrinos: strong enhancement by multiple soft scattering
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/48, arXiv:1012.3784 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  46. Authors: D. Blaschke, D. Horvatic, O. Kaczmarek, D. Klabucar
    Title: Width of the QCD transition in a Polyakov-loop DSE model
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/49, arXiv:1012.2113 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  47. Authors: B. Kalus, D. Schwarz, M. Seikel
    Title: On the accelerated expansion of the cosmos
    Report-no: BI-TP 2010/50, arXiv:1012.4906 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]

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