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Publications 2007


  1. Authors: M. Döring, K. Hübner, O. Kaczmarek, F. Karsch
    Title: Color Screening and Quark-Quark Interactions in Finite Temperature QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/01, hep-lat/0702009 [ abs, pdf, ]
  2. Authors: N. Borghini, F. Gelis
    Title: Are there monojets in high-energy proton-nucleus collisions?
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/02, hep-ph/0701140 [ abs, pdf, ]
  3. Authors: N. Li, D. Schwarz
    Title: On the onset of cosmological backreaction
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/03, gr-qc/0702043 [ abs, pdf, ]
  4. Authors: A. Rakic, D. Schwarz
    Title: Correlating anomalies of the microwave sky: The Good, the Evil and the Axis
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/04, astro-ph/0703266 [ abs, pdf, ]
  5. Authors: M. Laine, A. Gynther, Y. Schröder, C. Torrero, A. Vuorinen
    Title: Four-loop pressure of massless O(N) scalar field theory
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/05, hep-ph/0703307 [ abs, pdf, ]
  6. Authors: P. Castorina, D. Kharzeev, H. Satz
    Title: Thermal Hadronization and Hawking-Unruh Radiation in QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/06, arXiv:0704.1426 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  7. Authors: M. Laine
    Title: A resummed perturbative estimate for the quarkonium spectral function in hot QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/07, arXiv:0704.1720 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  8. Authors: D. Schwarz, B. Weinhorst
    Title: (An)isotropy of the Hubble diagram: Comparing hemispheres
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/08, arXiv:0706.0165 [astro-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  9. Authors: N. Borghini, U. Wiedemann
    Title: Predictions for the LHC heavy ion programme
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/10, arXiv:0707.0564 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  10. Authors: A. Shoshi
    Title: Recent developments in small-x physics
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/11, arXiv:0706.1866 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  11. Authors: M. Kozlov, A. Shoshi, B.-W. Xiao
    Title: Fluctuation effects on R(pA) at high energy
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/13, arXiv:0706.3998 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  12. Authors: M. Laine, O. Philipsen, M. Tassler
    Title: Thermal imaginary part of a real-time potential from classical lattice gauge theory simulations
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/14, arXiv:0707.2458 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  13. Authors: N. Borghini
    Title: Multiparticle correlations and momentum conservation in nucleus-nucleus collisions
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/15, arXiv:0707.0436 [nucl-th] [ abs, pdf, ]
  14. Authors: M. Kozlov, A. Shoshi, W. Xiang
    Title: On possible implications of gluon number fluctuations in DIS data
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/16, arXiv:0707.4142 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  15. Authors: W. Bietenholz, S. Shcheredin, J. Volkholz
    Title: Schwinger model simulations with dynamical overlap fermions
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/17, arXiv:0710.0997 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  16. Authors: A. Shoshi
    Title: High energy QCD beyond the mean field approximation
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/18, arXiv:0708.4316 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  17. Authors: M. Kozlov, A. Shoshi, B.W. Xiao
    Title: On the behaviour of R_pA at high energy
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/19, arXiv:0708.4322 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  18. Authors: E. Laermann and RBC-Bi Collaboration
    Title: The QCD equation of state with almost physical quark masses
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/20, arXiv:0710.0354 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  19. Authors: O. Kaczmarek
    Title: Screening at finite temperature and density
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/21, arXiv:0710.0498 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  20. Authors: J. van der Heide and RBC-Bi Collaboration
    Title: Thermodynamics of 2 + 1 flavour QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/22
  21. Authors: J. Liddle and RBC-Bi Collaboration
    Title: The spatial string tension and dimensional reduction in QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/23, arXiv:0710.2011 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  22. Authors: S. Chagdaa
    Title: Flux tube profiles at finite temperature
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/24
  23. Authors: S. Mukherjee and RBC-Bi Collaboration
    Title: Screening masses of mesons in 2+1 flavour QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/25, arXiv:0710.0963 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  24. Authors: S. Gupta, K. Hübner, O. Kaczmarek
    Title: Renormalization of Polyakov loops in fundamental and higher representation
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/26, arXiv:0710.2277 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  25. Authors: N. Borghini
    Title: Phase space constraints and statistical jet studies in heavy-ion collisions
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/27, arXiv:0710.2588 [nucl-th] [ abs, pdf, ]
  26. Authors: C. Miao, Ch. Schmidt
    Title: Bulk thermodynamics and charge fluctuation at non-vanishing baryon density
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/28, arXiv:0710.4312 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  27. Authors: R. Baier, P. Romatschke, D.T. Son, M.A. Stephanov, A.O. Starinets
    Title: Relativistic viscous hydrodynamics, conformal invariance, and holography
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/29, arXiv:0712.2451 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, JHEP04 (2008) 100. ]
  28. Authors: S. Gupta, K. Hübner, O. Kaczmarek
    Title: Renormalized Polyakov loops in many representations
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/30, arXiv:0711.2251 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  29. Authors: K. Hübner, F. Karsch, O. Kaczmarek, O. Vogt
    Title: Heavy quark free energies for three quark systems at finite temperature
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/31, arXiv:0710.5147 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  30. Authors: P. Hernandez, M. Laine, C. Pena, E. Torro, J. Wennekers, H. Wittig
    Title: Weak low-energy couplings from topological zero-mode wave functions
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/32, arXiv:0710.5647 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  31. Authors: N. Li, D. Schwarz
    Title: Signatures of cosmological backreaction
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/33, arXiv:0710.5073 [astro-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  32. Authors: A. Natarajan, P. Sikivie
    Title: A further look at particle annihilation in dark matter caustics
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/34, arXiv:0711.1297 [astro-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  33. Authors: Y. Burnier, M. Laine, M. Vepsäläinen
    Title: Heavy quarkonium in any channel in resummed hot QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/35, arXiv:0711.1743 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  34. Authors: D. Schwarz, M. Seikel
    Title: Heavy quarkonium in any channel in resummed hot QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/36, arXiv:0711.3180 [astro-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  35. Authors: N. Li, D. Schwarz, M. Seikel
    Title: Is dark energy an effect of averaging?
    Report-no: BI-TP 2007/37, arXiv:0801.3420 [astro-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]

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