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Publications 2002


  1. Authors: H. Satz
    Title: States of Strongly Interacting Matter
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/01, hep-ph/0201051 [ abs, pdf ]
  2. Authors: G. Aarts, D. Ahrensmeier, R. Baier, J. Berges, J. Serreau
    Title: Far from Equilibrium Dynamics with Broken Symmetries from the 2 Pi-1/N Expansion
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/02, hep-ph/0201308 [ abs, pdf ]
  3. Authors: J. Fleischer, J. Fujimoto, T. Ishikawa, A. Leike, T. Riemann, Y. Shimizu, A. Werthenbach
    Title: One Loop Corrections to the Process e^+e^- --> t anti t Including Hard Bremsstrahlung
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/03, hep-ph/0203220 [ abs, pdf ]
  4. Authors: D. Schildknecht, M. Tentioukov
    Title: The Longitudinal Structure Function of the Proton for Small x
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/04, hep-ph/0203028 [ abs, pdf ]
  5. Authors: C. Allton, S. Ejiri, S. Hands, O. Kaczmarek, F. Karsch, E. Laermann, C. Schmidt, L. Scorzato
    Title: The QCD Thermal Phase Transition in the Presence of a Small Chemical Potential
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/06, hep-lat/0204010 [ abs, pdf ]
  6. Authors: S. Fortunato
    Title: Site Percolation and Phase Transition in Two Dimensions
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/07, cond-mat/0204366 [ abs, pdf ]
  7. Authors: D. Bödeker
    Title: Perturbative and Non-Perturbative Aspects of the Non-Abelian Boltzmann-Langevin Equation
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/08, hep-ph/0205202 [ abs, pdf ]
  8. Authors: A.P. Balachandran, S. Digal
    Title: Non-Abelian Topological Strings and Metastable States in Linear Sigma Model
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/09, hep-ph/0204262 [ abs, pdf ]
  9. Authors: R. Baier, A.H. Mueller, D. Schiff, D.T. Son
    Title: Does Parton Saturation at High Density Explain Hadron Multiplicities at RHIC?
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/10, hep-ph/0204211 [ abs, pdf ]
  10. Authors: J. Engels, L. Fromme, M. Seniuch
    Title: Numerical Equation of State from an Improved Three-Dimensional Ising Model
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/11, cond-mat/0209492 [ abs, pdf ]
  11. Authors: S. Fortunato
    Title: Critical Droplets and Phase Transitions in Two Dimensions
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/12, cond-mat/0205211 [ abs, pdf ]
  12. Authors: O. Kaczmarek, F. Karsch, P. Petreczky, F. Zantow
    Title: Heavy Quark Anti-Quark Free Energy and the Renormalized Polyakov Loop
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/13, hep-lat/0207002 [ abs, pdf ]
  13. Authors: S. Digal, S. Fortunato, P. Petreczky, H. Satz
    Title: Parton Percolation and J/psi suppression
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/14, hep-ph/0207264 [ abs, pdf ]
  14. Authors: Z. Burda, J. Erdmann, B. Petersson, M. Wattenberg
    Title: Exotic Trees
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/15, cond-mat/0207459 [ abs, pdf ]
  15. Authors: S. Fortunato
    Title: Cluster Percolation and Critical Behaviour in Spin Models and SU(N) Gauge Theories
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/16, hep-lat/0207021 [ abs, pdf ]
  16. Authors: S. Datta, S. Gupta
    Title: Does the QCD Plasma Contain Propagating Gluons?
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/17, hep-lat/0208001 [ abs, pdf ]
  17. Authors: S. Datta, F. Karsch, P. Petreczky, I. Wetzorke
    Title: A study of charmonium systems across the deconfinement transition
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/19, hep-lat/0208012 [ abs, pdf ]
  18. Authors: F. Karsch, I. Wetzorke
    Title: The H Dibaryon on the Lattice
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/20, hep-lat/0208029 [ abs, pdf ]
  19. Authors: M. Kuroda, D. Schildknecht
    Title: Deep Inelastic Scattering and `Elastic' Diffraction
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/21, hep-ph/0301156 [ abs, pdf ]
  20. Authors: C. Allton, S. Ejiri, S. Hands, O. Kaczmarek, F. Karsch, E. Laermann, C. Schmidt
    Title: The Quark Mass and Mu Dependence of the QCD Chiral Critical Point
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/22, hep-lat/0209009 [ abs, pdf ]
  21. Authors: C. Allton, S. Ejiri, S. Hands, O. Kaczmarek, F. Karsch, E. Laermann, C. Schmidt
    Title: The QCD Phase Transition at High Temperature and Low Density
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/23, hep-lat/0209012 [ abs, pdf ]
  22. Authors: R. Baier
    Title: Jet Quenching
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/24, hep-ph/0209038 [ abs, pdf ]
  23. Authors: H. Satz
    Title: Limits of Confinement: The First 15 Years of Ultrarelativistic Heavy Ion Studies
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/25, hep-ph/0209181 [ abs, pdf ]
  24. Authors: C. Schmidt
    Title: The QCD Phase Diagram for Small Chemical Potentials
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/26, hep-lat/0210037 [ abs, pdf ]
  25. Authors: J. Fleischer, T. Riemann, O. Tarasov, A. Werthenbach
    Title: Massive Two-Loop Bhabha Scattering: The Factorizable Subset
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/27, hep-ph/0211167 [ abs, pdf ]
  26. Authors: S. Digal, S. Fortunato, P. Petreczky
    Title: Heavy Quark Free Energies and Screening in SU(2) Gauge Theory
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/28, hep-lat/0211029 [ abs, pdf ]
  27. Authors: J. Fleischer, A. Leike, T. Riemann, A. Werthenbach
    Title: Electroweak One Loop Corrections for e^+ e^- Annihilation into T Stop Including Hard Bremsstrahlung
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/29, hep-ph/0302259 [ abs, pdf ]
  28. Authors: H. Satz
    Title: Parton Percolation in Nuclear Collisions
    Report-no: BI-TP 2002/30, hep-ph/0212046 [ abs, pdf ]

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