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Publications 2013


Publications, E6
  1. Authors: M. Rubart, D. Schwarz
    Title: Cosmic radio dipole from NVSS and WENSS
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/01, arXiv:1301.5559 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  2. Authors: T. Brauner, H. Murayama, H. Watanabe
    Title: Massive Nambu-Goldstone bosons
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/02, arXiv:1303.1527 [hep-th] [ abs, pdf, ]
  3. Authors: M. Krssak
    Title: Viscosity correlators in improved holographic QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/03, arXiv:1302.3181 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  4. Authors: X.-N. Wang, Y. Zhu
    Title: Medium modification of \gamma-jets in high-energy heavy-ion collisions
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/04, arXiv:1302.5874 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  5. Authors: A. Delgado, G. Nardini, M. Quiros
    Title: A light supersymmetric Higgs sector hidden by a Standard Model-like Higgs
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/05, arXiv:1303.0800 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  6. Authors: H. Satz
    Title: Calibrating the in-medium behavior of quarkonia
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/06, arXiv:1303.3493 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  7. Authors: C.J. Copi, D. Huterer, D.J. Schwarz, G.D. Starkman
    Title: Large-angle CMB suppression and polarisation predictions
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/07, arXiv:1303.4786 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  8. Authors: B. Kniehl, I. Kondrashuk, E.A. Notte-Cuello, I. Parra Ferrada, M. Rojas-Medar
    Title: Two-fold Mellin-Barnes transforms of Usyukina-Davydychev functions
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/08, arXiv:1304.3004 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  9. Authors: D. Steineder, S.A. Stricker, A. Vuorinen
    Title: Probing the pattern of holographic thermalization with photons
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/09, arXiv:1304.3404 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  10. Authors: K. Fukushima, N. Su
    Title: Stabilizing perturbative Yang-Mills free energy with Gribov quantization
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/10, arXiv:1304.8004 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  11. Authors: T. Kojo, N. Su
    Title: A renormalization group approach for QCD in a strong magnetic field
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/12, arXiv:1305.4510 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  12. Authors: A. v. Manteuffel, C. Studerus
    Title: Massive planar and non-planar double box integrals for light N_f contributions to gg --> t \bar t
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/13, arXiv:1306.3504 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  13. Authors: J.C. Fabris, D.J. Schwarz, H. Velten, W. Zimdahl
    Title: Viscous dark matter growth in (neo-)Newtonian cosmology
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/14, arXiv:1307.6536 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  14. Authors: S. Nadathur
    Title: Seeing patterns in noise: Gigaparsec-scale 'structures' that do not violate homogeneity
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/15, arXiv:1306.1700 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  15. Authors: W.A. Watson, J.M. Diego, S. Gottlöber, I.T. Iliev, A. Knebe, E. Martinez-Gonzalez, G. Yepes, R.B. Barreiro, J. Gonzalez-Nuevo, S. Hotchkiss, A. Marcos-Caballero, S. Nadathur, P. Vielva
    Title: The Jubilee ISW Project I: simulated ISW and weak lensing maps and initial power spectra results
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/16, arXiv:1307.1712 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  16. Authors: J.O. Andersen, S. Mogliacci, M. Strickland, N. Su, A. Vuorinen
    Title: Equation of state of hot and dense QCD: resummed perturbation theory confronts lattice data
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/17, arXiv:1307.8098 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  17. Authors: D. Bödeker, M. Wörmann
    Title: Non-relativistic leptogenesis
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/18, arXiv:1311.2593 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  18. Authors: R. Baier, S.A. Stricker, O. Taanila
    Title: Critical scalar field collapse in AdS_3: an analytic approach
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/19, arXiv:1309.1629 [gr-qc] [ abs, pdf, ]
  19. Authors: R. Bonciani, A. Ferroglia, T. Gehrmann, A. v. Manteuffel, C. Studerus
    Title: Light-quaark two-loop corrections to heavy-quark pair production in the gluon fusion channel
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/21, arXiv:1309.4450 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  20. Authors: H. Satz
    Title: Probing the states of matter in QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/22, arXiv:1310.1209 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  21. Authors: S. Mogliacci
    Title: Kurtoses and high order cumulants: Insights from resummed perturbation theory
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/23, arXiv:1311.2101 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  22. Authors: J.O. Andersen, N. Haque, M.G. Mustafa, M. Strickland, N. Su
    Title: Three-loop HTLpt pressure and susceptibilities at finite temperature and density
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/24, arXiv:1309.3968 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  23. Authors: N. Borghini, C. Lang
    Title: Dissipative corrections to particle spectra and anisotropic flow
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/25, arXiv:1312.7763 [nucl-th] [ abs, pdf, ]
  24. Authors: C.J. Copi, D. Huterer, D.J. Schwarz, G.D. Starkman
    Title: Lack of large-angle TT correlations persists in WMAP and Planck
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/26, arXiv:1310.3831 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  25. Authors: C.J. Copi, D. Huterer, D.J. Schwarz, G.D. Starkman
    Title: Large-scale alignments from WMAP and Planck
    Report-no: BI-TP 2013/27, arXiv:1311.4562 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  26. Authors: S. Nadathur, S. Hotchkiss
    Title: Comments on arXiv:1310.5067: "A response to `A self-consistent public catalogue of voids and superclusters in the SDSS Data Release 7 galaxy surveys'"
    Report-no: arXiv:1310.6911 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  27. Authors: S. Nadathur, S. Hotchkiss
    Title: A robust public catalogue of voids and superclusters in the SDSS Data Release 7 galaxy surveys
    Report-no: arXiv:1310.2791 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]

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