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Publications 2015


Publications, E6
  1. Authors: P. Bull, S. Camera, A. Raccanelli, C. Blake, P.G. Ferreira, M.G. Santos, D.J. Schwarz
    Title: Measuring baryon acoustic oscillations with future SKA surveys
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/01, arXiv:1501.04088 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  2. Authors: D.J. Schwarz, D. Bacon, S. Chen, C. Clarkson, D. Huterer, M. Kunz, R. Maartens, A. Raccanelli, M. Rubart, J.-L. Starck,
    Title: Testing foundations of modern cosmology with SKA all-sky surveys
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/02, arXiv:1501.03820 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  3. Authors: M.J. Jarvis, D. Bacon, C. Blake, M.-L. Brown, S.N. Lindsay, A. Raccanelli, M. Santos, D.J. Schwarz
    Title: Cosmology with SKA Radio Continuum Surveys
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/03, arXiv:1501.03825 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  4. Authors: H. Satz
    Title: Quarkonium Binding and Entropic Force
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/04, arXiv:1501.03940 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  5. Authors: V.V. Dikarev, D.J. Schwarz
    Title: The microwave thermal emission from the zodiacal dust cloud predicted with contemporary meteoroid models
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/05, arXiv:1501.04780 [astro-ph.EP] [ abs, pdf, ]
  6. Authors: A. Francis, O. Kaczmarek, M. Laine, T. Neuhaus, H. Ohno
    Title: Critical point and scale setting in SU(3) plasma: an update
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/06, arXiv:1503.05652 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  7. Authors: H. Nishimura, Y. Tanizaki, K. Kashiwa
    Title: Evading the sign-problem in the mean-field approximation through Lefschetz-thimble path integral
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/07, arXiv:1504.02979 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  8. Authors: N. Su
    Title: Recent Progress in Hard-Thermal-Loop QCD Thermodynamics and Collective Excitations
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/08, arXiv:1502.04589 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  9. Authors: K. Redlich, H. Satz
    Title: The Legacy of Rolf Hagedorn: Statistical Bootstrap and Ultimate Temperature
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/09, arXiv:1501.07523 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  10. Authors: R. Baier, S. Stricker
    Title: Comment on Hawking radiation and trapping horizons
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/10, arXiv:1511.07129 [gr-qc] [ abs, pdf, ]
  11. Authors: T. Neuhaus, A. Francis, O. Kaczmarek, M. Laine, H. Ohno
    Title: A non-perturbative estimate of the heavy quark momentum diffusion coefficient
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/11, arXiv:1508.04543 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  12. Authors: S. Chen, D. Schwarz
    Title: The angular two-point correlation of NVSS galaxies revisited
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/12, arXiv:1507.02160 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  13. Authors: D. Boriero, S. Das, Y. Wong
    Title: How CMB and large-scale structure constrain chameleon interacting dark energy
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/13, arXiv:1505.03154 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  14. Authors: J. Jankowski, D. Blaschke, O. Kaczmarek
    Title: Debye mass at the QCD transition in the PNJL model
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/14, arXiv:1508.05322 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  15. Authors: O. Kaczmarek, Y. Burnier, A. Rothkopf
    Title: Quarkonium at finite temperature: Towards realistic phenomenology from first principles
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/15, arXiv:1509.07366 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  16. Authors: O. Kaczmarek, H.-T. Shu, H.-T. Ding, H. Ohno, S. Mukherjee
    Title: A stochastic approach to the reconstruction of spectral functions in lattice QCD
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/16, arXiv:1510.02901 [hep-lat] [ abs, pdf, ]
  17. Authors: D. Bödeker, M. Sangel, M. Wörmann
    Title: Equilibration, particle production, and self energy
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/17, arXiv:1510.06742 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]
  18. Authors: D.J. Schwarz, C.J. Copi, D. Huterer, G.D. Starkman
    Title: CMB anomalies after Planck
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/18, arXiv:1510.07929 [astro-ph.CO] [ abs, pdf, ]
  19. Authors: P. Castorina, H. Satz
    Title: Strangeness Production in AA and pp Collisions
    Report-no: BI-TP 2015/20, arXiv:1601.01454 [hep-ph] [ abs, pdf, ]

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