Second Circular


Dear colleagues,

this is the second circular for the "Workshop on the Sign Problem in QCD and Beyond" (Sign '18) which will take place at Bielefeld University, Germany, from September 10 to September 14, 2018.


The workshop is concerned with the sign problem in QCD and other theories that exhibit a serious sign problem in numerical calculations. We want to stimulate the exchange between practitioners dealing with the sign problem in numerical simulations from different fields. The workshop thus covers a broad range of topics, including

*QCD and Related Theories
*Nuclear Many Body *Quantum Spin Models
*Dual Formulations
*Langevin/Lefschetz Approaches
*Tensor Network/Machine Learning Approaches
*Algorithmic Developments

The program includes invited key speakers, contributed talks, as well as a poster session.

Conference Website

Registration and Fee

To register, please go to the home page and follow the link to Registration. The registration fee is 50 Euros, to be paid in cash on arrival. The registration fee includes participation in the workshop, coffee breaks and the workshop dinner.

Financial support (registration fee and cost of accommodation) will be available for 10 selected students. To apply for financial support please send an email and one letter of recommendation to

Registration and abstract submission will remain open until Sunday, August 5. 


Please note that due to a number of other events in and around Bielefeld, available hotel rooms are limited. For the participants of Sign'18 we have reserved rooms in various hotels and negotiated special rates. For a list see or follow the "Accommodation" link on the conference website. Note that the hotels cannot guarantee the call-in-allotment granted, beyond the dates given in brackets. You may of course arrange for other accommodation on your own (please chose N/A on the registration form in this case) but we would like to advise you to let us take care of the booking - and tell us your preferences.

Visa Requirements

Some of you may need a visa for Germany. Please inquire at

In case you need a visa, please let us know as early as possible by e-mail to the conference secretary so that we can issue a letter of invitation. Remember that both the delivery of the letter as well as the processing of your visa application will take some time.


For your travel arrangements please refer to

or follow the "Travel information" link on the workshop website, and links given there.

Venue and Schedule

The conference will take place at the Campus of Bielefeld University. Information on how to reach the campus is provided on the website. The conference will begin on Monday, September 10, 9am and ends around noon on Friday, September 14.

We will have only plenary talks, the key speakers will talk 45+15 minutes, the contributed talks 20+10 minutes. We plan to have a poster session on Wednesday, September 12.

The workshop dinner is planned for Thursday, September 13.

Further information is provided on the workshop website. In case you need to get in contact with us, please write a mail to to contact the workshop secretary Ms. Reder.


We would be grateful if you could forward this message to interested colleagues at your Institution. We look forward to welcoming you in Bielefeld.

The local organizers Christian Schmidt and Wolfgang Unger