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Journal club - Lattice field theory

The journal club is aimed at BSc-, MSc- or PhD-students and postdocs with interest in lattice field theory research.

Perhaps you already have some expertise based on the research for your thesis - perhaps you have just started a project within lattice field theory. Either way, you are welcome to join our weekly meetings, where we will discuss influential lattice papers and related topics.

The meetings will take place via zoom. One participant will present a previously assigned topic in about 30-45 minutes. Afterwards we have an informal discussion, where everybody is encouraged to participate. This is a good opportunity to broaden your perspective and also to practice giving a presentation. The topic of the talk will be sent around a few days in advance so that everybody can look into the subject.

The goals of the seminar and the planned format of the talks are summarized in these slides. Please design your talk to be interactive: you are welcome to create a poll or use the whiteboard feature of zoom. In case you are presenting slides, please send them to me in advance so they can be uploaded to the webpage.


Fridays at 14:15. A zoom link will be sent around in advance, together with the current topic and the relevant literature.

In the first meeting (October 30 at 14:15) we will distribute the topics.

To help preparing for the journal club, you are welcome to approach me with open questions on Wednesday (14:00-15:00) on the week of your talk. To arrange this, please contact me in advance.





October 30

organisatory meeting

November 20

Luis Altenkort

Wilson flow


November 27

Jishnu Goswami

Scale setting


December 4

Anirban Lahiri

Equation of state - integral method

December 11

Lorenzo Dini

Chemical potential and sign problem


December 18

Sajid Ali

Ward identity and pion decay constant


January 8

Gergely Marko

Topology and critical slowing down


January 15

Wolfgang Unger

Center clusters


January 22

Dean Valois

Magnetic fields on the lattice


January 29

Bastian Brandt

Isospin chemical potential

February 5

David Clarke

Symanzik improvement


February 12

Mugdha Sarkar

Anderson localization



  • Aspects of data analysis on the lattice: Sec. 9. in DeGrand, DeTar
  • Wilson flow: basics -- 1006.4518, see also 1101.0963 (perturbative) 1506.00118 (review)
  • Twisted mass fermions: introduction -- Sec. 10.3 in Gattringer, Lang
  • Ward identity and pion decay constant: introduction -- Sec. 11.1 in Gattringer, Lang and the article
  • Scale setting: review -- 1401.3270
  • Conjugate gradient method: Sec 8.8 in DeGrand, DeTar
  • Chemical potential on the lattice: techniques -- Sec. 12.3 in Gattringer, Lang, and seminal reviews 1005.0539, 1302.3028
  • Center clusters: main idea -- 1004.2200 see also visualization 1312.0991
  • Symanzik improvement: introduction -- Sec. 10 in DeGrand, DeTar
  • Isospin chemical potential: introduction -- hep-ph/0005225 and on the lattice 1712.08190
  • Magnetic fields on the torus: 0807.0630 Sec 3.1 and on the lattice 1111.4956
  • Topology and critical slowing down: introduction -- 1009.5228
  • Anderson localization in the Dirac spectrum: 1006.1205 and 1105.5336
  • Equation of state on the lattice -- integral method Secs. 1,2,4,5 of hep-lat/9602007
  • Equation of state on the lattice -- moving frame method 1403.0360 and results 1612.00265
  • you can also suggest a topic on your own.


  • Gattringer, Lang: Quantum chromodynamics on the lattice [Opens external link in new windowlibrary link]
  • DeGrand, DeTar: Lattice methods for quantum chromodynamics [Opens external link in new windowlibrary link]
  • Opens external link in new windowarxiv.org preprint server

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