High Energy Physics
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APE100 (1993-1995)- 25 GFlops
APE1000 (1999/2001)-144 GFlops peak
apeNEXT (2005/2006)- 4000 GFlops
GPU cluster (2011) - 500 TFlops

... but time flies!

and a new supercomputer is needed.


The making of the 2019 Bielefeld GPU Cluster

- a picture story -



directors and producers

Frithjof Karsch
Markus Klappenbech
Olaf Kaczmarek
Christian Schmidt

... some actors

Frithjof Karsch
Markus Klappenbach
Lukas Mazur
Anna-Lena Kruse
Christian Schmidt
David Clarke
Hauke Sandmeyer
Olaf Kaczmarek
Hai-Tao Shu


and transformers: big boxes, smaller boxes and the first GPU...

The directors and producers had not only the duty to find components  to transform to a GPU-Cluster and to fight for money but additionally to find electric power, fortunately only half the electric power for seven times more computing power. And finally the project could get started in a high security area of the university computer center...   

The project is realized together with sysGen Gmbh (a supplier for computer engineering) and NVIDIA (a leading producer of GPUs).
The content of a lot of smaller and bigger boxes has to be filled into 14 racks. In the end there will be 224 GPUs with a processing power of 3.5 Petaflops.

the front side
the beautiful rear side

The memory and the network of the cluster

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