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Seminars E5


(Thursday & Friday, 14h c.t.)


Vortragender / Herkunft



Di. 06.04.21

Marco Mantovanelli
Universität Bielefeld

Simulation eines Quantenannealing-Prozesses für das (n × n)-Turm-Problem >>14.00 Uhr<<

Jürgen Schnack

Do. 08.04.21

Alessandro Soncini
The University of Melbourne

>> 9:00 << Quantum Spin Toroidicity in Molecular Spin Rings

Jürgen Schnack

Do. 15.04.21

Phillip Weinberg
Northeastern University Boston

Verschoben: Enhanced Convergence of Quantum Typicality using a Randomized Low-Rank Approximation

FOR 2692

Mi. 21.04.21

Ann-Christin Sprenger
Universität Bielefeld

11:00 Uhr, Tumortherapie mit schweren Ionen

Jürgen Schnack

Do. 06.05.21

Hitesh J. Changlani
Florida State University and National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

16:00 Quantum scars and Hilbert space fragmentation of color and ice

FOR2692/Jürgen Schnack

Fr. 07.05.21

Richard Wilhelm
TU Wien

Interaction of slow highly charged ions with freestanding short-range ordered organic nanosheets and crystalline 2D materials - from fundamental processes to applications in structural analysis

Jürgen Schnack

Do. 20.05.21

Mark Pederson
University of Texas at El Paso

DFT From A-Z with Emphasis on MM

Jürgen Schnack

Do. 27.05.21

Andreas Klümper
Wuppertal University

Integrable Models - Methods and Results

FOR2692/Jürgen Schnack

Do. 10.06.21

Arzhang Ardavan
University of Oxford

Electrical control of quantum spins

Jürgen Schnack

Do. 01.07.21

Agnes Valenti
ETH Zürich

Correlation-Enhanced Neural Networks as Interpretable Variational Quantum States

Jürgen Schnack

Di. 20.07.21

Momme Hengstenberg
Universität Bielefeld

Der Groveralgorithmus auf einem universellen Quantencomputer - Nur eine Simulation oder tatsächlich umsetzbar?

Jürgen Schnack

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