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Seminars E5


(Thursday & Friday, 14h c.t.)


Vortragender / Herkunft



Di. 06.04.21

Marco Mantovanelli
Universität Bielefeld

Simulation eines Quantenannealing-Prozesses für das (n × n)-Turm-Problem >>14.00 Uhr<<

Jürgen Schnack

Do. 08.04.21

Alessandro Soncini
The University of Melbourne

>> 9:00 << Quantum Spin Toroidicity in Molecular Spin Rings

Jürgen Schnack

Do. 15.04.21

Phillip Weinberg
Northeastern University Boston

Verschoben: Enhanced Convergence of Quantum Typicality using a Randomized Low-Rank Approximation

FOR 2692

Mi. 21.04.21

Ann-Christin Sprenger
Universität Bielefeld

11:00 Uhr, Tumortherapie mit schweren Ionen

Jürgen Schnack

Do. 06.05.21

Hitesh J. Changlani
Florida State University and National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

16:00 Quantum scars and Hilbert space fragmentation of color and ice

FOR2692/Jürgen Schnack

Fr. 07.05.21

Richard Wilhelm
TU Wien

Interaction of slow highly charged ions with freestanding short-range ordered organic nanosheets and crystalline 2D materials - from fundamental processes to applications in structural analysis

Jürgen Schnack

Do. 20.05.21

Mark Pederson
University of Texas at El Paso


Jürgen Schnack

Do. 27.05.21

Andreas Klümper
Wuppertal University

Thermal Bethe Ansatz and beyond

FOR2692/Jürgen Schnack

Do. 10.06.21

Arzhang Ardavan
University of Oxford

Electrical control of quantum spins

Jürgen Schnack

Do. 01.07.21

Agnes Valenti
ETH Zürich

Correlation-Enhanced Neural Networks as Interpretable Variational Quantum States

Jürgen Schnack

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