High Energy Physics
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Master theses


    * Axionic Soliton in Cold Dark Matter
    Master thesis of Samuel Schumacher, November 2021
    * Gravitational Lensing and Time Delay
    Master thesis of Shivani Deshmukh, February 2021
    * Hypervelocity stars originating in the Andromeda galaxy as a probe of primordial black holes
    Master thesis of Lukas Gülzow, January 2021
    * Screening masses from Möbius domain wall fermions on 32^3 x 8 HISQ lattices
    Master thesis of Tristan Ueding, December 2020
    * Simulation and Analysis of Angular Power Spectra of Cosmic Large-Scale Structure
    Master thesis of Dennis Maseizik, November 2020
    * Large-N_tau Expansion of the Pressure in Lattice QCD with Shamir's Domain Wall Fermions
    Master thesis of Mischa E. Jaensch, October 2020
    * Is dynamical mass generation via spontaneous symmetry breaking in Conformal Gravity possible with a single scalar field?,
    Master thesis of Nils Bertram, December 2019
    * A Closer Look at Reactions in the Miller-Urey-Experiment using Coupled Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry,
    Master thesis of Thorben H. Mense, December 2019
    * Large sky-area scanning strategies for single dish radio surveys,
    Master thesis of Ferdinand Jünemann, March 2020
    * The duration of cosmological inflation ,
    Master thesis of Pascal Kreling, October 2019
    * Probing Heavy Quark Transport through a Gradient-Flowed Color-Electric Correlator on the Lattice ,
    Master thesis of Luis Altenkort, October 2019
    * Finite size scaling functions of the three-dimensional O(2) and Z(2) spin models ,
    Master thesis of Marius Neumann, October 2019
    * Relativistic Kinetic Theory of Particle-Anti-Particle Asymmetries and Dark Matter ,
    Master thesis of Dennis Janzen, May 2019
    * A Detailed Look at Estimators for the Two-Point Correlation Function, their Variance and a Verification of the TreeCorr-Algorithm with LoTSS Data,
    Master thesis of Marian Biermann, March 2019
    * Monte Carlo Glauber investigations of the fluctuations in the initial state geometry of high-energy heavy-ion collisions,
    Master thesis of Hendrik Roch, October 2018
    * Forecasting the Cosmic Radio Dipole,
    Master thesis of Marius Peper, December 2017
    * Simulation strategies for low-dimensional QCD at finite chemical potential,
    Master thesis of Felix Ziesché, July 2017
    * Applications of the Gradient Flow method in Lattice QCD,
    Master thesis of Lukas Mazur, July 2017
    * Investigation of Cosmic Microwave Background Anomalies with Multiple Vectors,
    Master thesis of Marvin Pinkwart, November 2016
    * Probing the cosmic radio dipole by means of an all-sky continuum survey at 147 MHz,
    Master thesis of Thilo Siewert, October 2016
    * Helicity Asymmetry of Sterile Neutrinos in Leptogenesis,
    Master thesis of Dennis Schröder, September 2016
    * LPM effect on the thermal production of sterile neutrinos,
    Master thesis of Anna Aguf, August 2016
    * Plasma Simulations for Surge Protective Devices: An improvement of the radiation calculation by simulated annealing,
    Master thesis of Marc Klegrewe, July 2016
    * Analytic Analysis of Galaxy Number Counts,
    Master thesis of Cynthia Winter, April 2016
    * Damping rate of a scalar field and hydrodynamic fluctuations,
    Master thesis of Philipp Henkenjohann, March 2016
    * Production of Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter of Large Lepton Asymmetry,
    Master thesis of Mandy Maria Wygas, September 2015
    * Temperature Anisotropy of the CMB Effects of Cosmological Parameters,
    Master thesis of Johanna Albrecht, September 2015
    * Analysis of the NVSS Catalog and Number Counts,
    Master thesis of Jonas Reckmann, October 2015
    * Conformal Gravity,
    Master thesis of Patric Hölscher, September 2015
    * Approach to and departure from local isotropy in Lattice Boltzmann simulations,
    Master thesis of Tobias Mohrmann, September 2015
    * Error reduction for the non-perturbative calculation of heavy quark momentum diffusion with dynamical fermions,
    Master thesis of Hauke Sandmeyer, June 2015
    * Massive Neutrinos in the Early Universe,
    Master thesis of Roman Borgolte, May 2015
    * Freeze-out eines anisotropen Fluids in hoch-energetischen Schwerionenkollisionen,
    Master thesis of Steffen Feld, February 2015
    * Numerische Simulation von Schwerionenkollisionen mit Hilfe von dissipativer relativistischer Hydrodynamik,
    Master thesis of Sascha Fleer, February 2015
    * Noise reduction for charge fluctuations: an investigation on many-core architecture,
    Master thesis of Patrick Steinbrecher, February 2015
    * The Origin of Supermassive Black Holes,
    Master thesis of Peter Niksa, January 2015
    * Precision Measurement of Angular Separation in Cosmology,
    Master thesis of Tatiana Esau, April 2014
    * Kosmische Parallaxe in LTB-Raumzeiten,
    Master thesis of Nick Diederich, March 2014
    * Three-loop gap equation for a spontaneously broken 3d Yang-Mills theory,
    Master thesis of Marc Sangel, August 2013
    * Three-loop gap equation within resummed 3d Yang-Mills theory,
    Master thesis of Stefan de Boer, September 2013
    * Higgs inflation: A study of the phase diagrams in the Einstein and the Jordan frames,
    Master thesis of Patrick Zok, July 2013
    * Supernova Cosmology
    Master thesis of Benedict Kalus, March 2013
    * Difference Equations for 5-loop Massive Vacuum Integrals Using Syzygies,
    Master thesis of Thomas Luthe, November 2012
    * 2+1 Flavor QCD at Imaginary Chemical Potential,
    Master thesis of Florian Meyer, July 2012
    * Lattice Investigations of the DIRAC-Spectrum in the Vicinity of the Chiral Transition,
    Master thesis of Viktor Dick, July 2012
    * Vektorboson-Selbstenergie in massiver 3D Eichtheorie,
    Master thesis of Kilian Leßmeier, March 2012
    * Newtonian versus Relativistic Cosmology,
    Master thesis of Samuel Flender, January 2012
    * Cosmology with upcoming radio continuum surveys: Analysing and modifying European Square Kilometre Array Design Study Simulated Skies,
    Master thesis of Matthias Rubart, January 2012
    * Untersuchung der Eignung von Self-assembled Monolayers (SAMs) für hochsensitive Kraftmessungen im Sub-100-Mikrometerbereich zur möglichen Bestimmung von Verletzungen des newtonschen Quadratsabstandsgesetzes,
    Master thesis of Johannes Pehe, September 2011
    * Kosmologie im Astronomie- und Physikunterricht in der Sekundarstufe I an deutschen Gymnasien,
    Master thesis of Kristiane Kuklinski, June 2011
    * Finite Size Effects in Quantum Field Theory,
    Master thesis of Ioan Ghisoiu, October 2010
    * Soft-Collinear Effective Theory,
    Master thesis of Sabine Bönig, October 2010

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