High Energy Physics
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PhD theses since 1996


    * Effective kinetic description of non-equilibrium dynamics in small and large collision systems
    Ph.D. thesis of Clemens Werthmann, November 2022
    * Early time dynamics of high energy nuclear collisions within the relativistic Boltzmann equation
    Ph.D. thesis of Marc Borrell Martinez, June 2022
    * Characterization of the initial-state and propagation of fluctuations in heavy-ion collisions
    Ph.D. thesis of Hendrik Roch, June 2022
    * Numerical and Theoretical Aspects of the Exploration of the QCD Phase Diagram at Finite Temperature and Density
    Ph.D. thesis of Lorenzo Dini, April 2022
    * Screening Meson Masses towards the Chiral Limit
    Ph.D. thesis of Simon Dentinger, November 2021
    * Higher order cumulants of net conserved charge distributions in lattice QCD
    Ph.D. thesis of Dennis Bollweg, October 2021
    * Early time dynamics and longitudinal structure of high-energy heavy-ion collisions
    Ph.D. thesis of Pragya Singh, August 2021
    * Energy loss and equilibration of a highly energetic parton in QCD plasmas
    Ph.D. thesis of Ismail Soudi, August 2021
    * Topological Aspects in Lattice QCD
    Ph.D. thesis of Lukas Mazur, April 2021
    * Sterile neutrino dark matter from the cosmic QCD epoch
    Ph.D. thesis of Alexander Klaus, April 2021
    * Insights into Thermal Modifications of Charmonium and Bottomonium from a Comparison of Lattice QCD and Perturbative Spectral Functions
    Ph.D. thesis of Anna Lena Lorenz, June 2021
    * Testing the foundations of cosmology with the radio sky
    Ph.D. thesis of Thilo Siewert, January 2021
    * Strong Coupling Lattice QCD in the Continuous Time Limit
    Ph.D. thesis of Marc Klegrewe, July 2020
    * The QCD Phase Diagram from Strong Coupling Expansion
    Ph.D. thesis of Giuseppe Gagliardi, May 2020
    * Low-scale leptogenesis and right-handed electrons
    Ph.D. thesis of Dennis Schröder, March 2020
    * Gravitational Waves in Conformal Gravity
    Ph.D. thesis of Patric Hölscher, March 2019
    * Hadronic correlators from heavy to very light quarks
    Ph.D. thesis of Hauke Sandmeyer, July 2019
    * Large Lepton Asymmetry and the Cosmic QCD Transition
    Ph.D. thesis of Mandy Wygas, February 2019
    * Relativistic freeze out studies and two-particle correlations
    Ph.D. thesis of Steffen Feld, January 2019
    * The QCD crossover up to O(\mu^6_B) from Lattice QCD
    Ph.D. thesis of Patrick Steinbrecher, May 2018
    * Constraints on particle properties from the cosmic microwave background
    Ph.D. thesis of Isabel Mira Oldengott, July 2017
    * Next-to-leading order rates in leptogenesis
    Ph.D. thesis of Marc Sangel, August 2016
    * Dissipative and anisotropic corrections to the kinetic freeze-out in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
    Ph.D. thesis of Christian Lang, May 2016
    * Aspects of nonequilibrium in Leptogenesis
    Ph.D. thesis of Mirco Wörmann, March 2016
    * The chiral anomaly of Quantum Chromodynamics at high temperatures: lattice investigation of the overlap Dirac spectrum
    Ph.D. thesis of Viktor Dick, April 2016
    * Hadronic correlators at high temperature: Spectral and transport properties
    Ph.D. thesis of Florian Meyer, March 2016
    * Large Scale Structures and Radio Galaxy Survey
    Ph.D. thesis of Song Chen, October 2015
    * Fully massive vacuum integrals at 5 loops
    Ph.D. thesis of Thomas Luthe, September 2015
    * The Cosmic Radio Dipole
    Ph.D. thesis of Matthias Rubart, May 2015
    * Light in the inhomogeneous Universe: studies on light propagation in the averaged space-time
    Ph.D. thesis of Samae Bagheri, November 2014
    * Probing the finite density equation of state of QCD via resumed perturbation theory
    Ph.D. thesis of Sylvain Mogliacci, June 2014
    * Meson correlations and spectral functions in the deconfined phase. A systematic analysis in quenched lattice QCD
    Ph.D. thesis of Marcel Müller, November 2013
    * Three-loop Debye mass and effective coupling in thermal QCD
    Ph.D. thesis of Ioan Ghisoiu, October 2013
    * Energy Momentum Tensor Correlators in Improved Holographic QCD
    Ph.D. thesis of Martin Krssak, July 2013
    * On the perturbative evaluation of thermal Green's functions in the bulk and shear channels of Yang-Mills Theory
    Ph.D. thesis of Yan Zhu, July 2013
    * Heavy quarkonia in quark gluon plasma as open quantum systems
    Ph.D. thesis of Nirupam Dutta, February 2013
    * The inhomogeneous Universe: its average expansion and cosmic variance
    Ph.D. thesis of Alexander Wiegand, September 2012
    * Fully massive tadpoles at 5-loop: reduction and difference equations
    Ph.D. thesis of Jan Möller, June 2012
    * Thermal dilepton rates from quenched lattice QCD: a study of thermal spectral functions in the continuum limit of quenched lattice QCD, at vanishing and finite momentum
    Ph.D. thesis of Anthony Francis, October 2011
    * The first second of leptons
    Ph.D. thesis of Maik Stuke, June 2011
    * Charmonium Correlation and Spectral Functions in Quenched Lattice QCD at Finite Temperature
    Ph.D. thesis of Heng-Tong Ding, October 2010
    * The Higgs Boson in the Standard Model: Theoretical Constraints and a direct search in the WH Channel at the Tevatron
    Ph.D. thesis of Nils Kristian Hüske, September 2010
    * Cosmic Expansion in Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Universes: Supernovae type Ia as cosmic probes
    Ph.D. thesis of Marina Seikel, September 2010
    * The Chiral Phase Transition of QCD with 2+1 flavors: A lattice study on Goldstone modes and universal scaling
    Ph.D. thesis of Wolfgang Unger, September 2010
    * Thermal Particle Production in the early Universe
    Ph.D. thesis of Denis Besak, July 2010
    * Feynman integrals, hypergeometric functions and nested sums
    Ph.D. thesis of Ervin Bejdakic, December 2009
    * Stochastic cosmological inflation. A replica field-theoretical study
    Ph.D. thesis of Florian Kühnel, October 2009
    * Pomeron loop effects in high density and high energy QCD
    Ph.D. thesis of Wenchang Xiang, June 2009
    * Cosmological backreaction -- From the local Hubble expansion rate to dark energy
    Ph.D. thesis of Nan Li, September 2008
    * Flux Tube Profiles at High Temperature
    Ph.D. thesis of Sodbileg Chagdaa, March 2008
    * The QCD equation of state at high temperature and small density from the lattice
    Ph.D. thesis of Chuan Miao, March 2008
    * On the influence of local inhomogeneities on cosmological observables : from galaxies to the microwave background
    Ph.D. thesis of Aleksandar Rakic, December 2007
    * The electroweak phase transition in models with gauge singlets
    Ph.D. thesis of Amine Ahriche, April 2007
    * Spektralfunktionen im dreidimensionalen O(4)-Spinmodell
    Ph.D. thesis of Oliver Vogt, April 2007
    * Nonequilibrium Phenomena in QCD and BEC: Boltzmann and beyond
    Ph.D. thesis of Tim Stockamp, December 2006
    * Mesonic Correlation Functions from Light Quarks and their Spectral Representation in Hot Quenched Lattice QCD
    Ph.D. thesis of Sönke Wissel, November 2006
    * Screening of Heavy Quarks and Hadrons at Finite Temperature and Density
    Ph.D. thesis of Matthias Döring, October 2006
    * The Polyakov Loop and its Correlators in Higher Representations of SU(3) at Finite Temperature
    Ph.D. thesis of Kay Hübner, October 2006
    * Electroweak Baryogenesis in Extensions of the Standard Model
    Ph.D. thesis of Lars Fromme, July 2006
    * Analysis of the Phase Structure in Extended Higgs Models
    Ph.D. thesis of Michael Seniuch, July 2006
    * From 4d reduced supersymmetric Yang-Mills integrals to branched polymers
    Ph.D. thesis of Marc Wattenberg, December 2004
    * Goldstone-Effekte und Skalenfunktionen in der QCD mit zwei leichten adjungierten Quark-Flavours
    Ph.D. thesis of Thomas Schulze, November 2004
    * Goldstone-mode effects and critical behaviour of QCD with 2 light quark flavours
    Ph.D. thesis of Sven Holtmann, June 2004 hep-lat/0006023, hep-lat/0105028 ,
    * Lattice-Renormalization of the Polyakov Loop
    Ph.D. thesis of Felix Zantow, January 2004 hep-lat/0207002,
    * Thermal Meson Properties from Correlation Functions and their Spectral Representation
    Ph.D. thesis of Sven Stickan, November 2003 hep-lat/0303017, hep-lat/0110208,
    * The Phase Diagram and Equation of State of Improved Lattice QCD for High Temperatures and small Chemical Potentials
    Ph.D. thesis of Christian Schmidt, July 2003
    * Astronomical tests of the Einstein equivalence principle
    Ph.D. thesis of Oliver Preuß, November 2002
    * Dimensional Reduction of Lattice Gauge Theory in (2+1)-dimensions
    Ph.D. thesis of Konstantin Petrov, May 2002, hep-lat/0211028
    * Lattice QCD Calculations of Hadron Spectra and Spectral Functions in the Vacuum and in a Thermal Heat Bath
    Ph.D. thesis of Ines Wetzorke, September 2001, hep-lat/9909037, hep-lat/0008008 and hep-lat/0110132
    * Non-equilibrium quantum field dynamics in hot matter: Parametric resonance and particle production from decaying parity odd states,
    Ph.D. thesis of Daria Ahrensmeier, August 2001
    * Simulations of Discrete Random Geometries: Simplicial Quantum Gravity and Quantum String Theory,
    Ph.D. thesis of Joachim Tabaczek, July 2001
    * Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation of the Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model,
    Ph.D. thesis of Joong-Bae Kim, June 2001
    * Percolation and Deconfinement in SU(2) Gauge Theory
    Ph.D. thesis of Santo Fortunato, November 2000,
    hep-lat/9911020, hep-lat/0003014, hep-lat/0007035 and hep-lat/0011084
    * The heavy quark mass limit of QCD at non-zero baryon number density
    Ph.D. thesis of Olaf Kaczmarek, September 2000, hep-lat/9903030, hep-lat/9908010 and hep-lat/9808028
    * Hadronic properties in the vicinity of the critical temperature,
    Ph.D. thesis of Peter Schmidt, June 2000
    * QCD thermodymics with 2+1 quark flavours in lattice simulations,
    Ph.D. thesis of Andreas Peikert, May 2000
    * Das zweidimensionale attraktive Ein-Band-Hubbard-Modell,
    Ph.D. thesis of Jörg Schröper, January 2000
    * The finite temperature phase diagram of 2-flavour QCD with improved Wilson fermions,
    Ph.D. thesis of Manfred Oevers, April 1999
    * Verbesserte staggered Fermionwirkungen für QCD Thermodynamik,
    Ph.D. thesis of Burkhard Sturm, April 1999, hep-lat/9901010
    * Phasenübergänge in der QCD mit fundamentalen und adjungierten Quarks,
    Ph.D. thesis of Martin Lütgemeier, December 1998, hep-lat/9809056 and hep-lat/9812023
    * Aspects of (2+1) Dimensional Lattice Gauge Theory,
    Ph.D. thesis of Christian Legeland, November 1998
    * Three topics in perturbative thermal field theory: Processes in chirally symmetric and in non-equilibrated hadronic matter at high temperature,
    Ph.D thesis of Marcus Dirks, April 1998
    * Nicht-störungstheoretische Bestimmung der Korrekturen zu Energiedichte und Druck in der reinen SU(3) Eichtheorie,
    Ph.D. thesis of Tim Scheideler, January 1998
    * Thermal Screening Masses in the Standard Model of Strong and Elekroweak Interactions,
    Ph.D. thesis of Jörn Rank, January 1998
    * Studies in Random Geometries: Hyper-Cubic Random Surfaces and Simplicial Quantum Gravity,
    Ph.D thesis of Sven Bilke, December 1997, hep-lat/9805006
    * QCD-Thermodynamik mit 4 Staggered Quarkflavours und verbesserter Wirkung,
    Ph.D. thesis of Rainer Joswig, October 1996
    * Grand Canonical Monte Carlo Study of the Thermal Phase Structure of the Miyazawa String Model for Constituent Interactions,
    Ph.D. thesis of Götz M. Weber, September 1996
    * Observability of Anomalous Couplings of Electroweak Vector-Bosons at the LHC and Improved Formulation of an Effective Vector-Boson Approximation,
    Ph.D. thesis of Ingolf Kuss, June 1996

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