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Research interests

  • finite-temperature quantum field theory
  • QCD phase diagram; confinement and chiral symmetry breaking
  • background magnetic fields in quantum field theories
  • simulation algorithms for lattice field theories
  • Dirac eigenvalues on the lattice
  • effective theories for QCD
  • physics of compact stars

You can find my complete publication list on Opens external link in new windowiNSPIREhep.


Recent research highlights

Polyakov loop sectors and Roberge-Weiss phase transitions in the QCD phase diagram from perturbation theory [link]


Topologically nontrivial ground states emerge in the spontaneously broken phase of a spin model [link]


The magnetic permeability of strongly interacting matter is calculated with a new method [link].


The early Universe may undergo pion condensation for large lepton asymmetry [link].


The Dirac eigenvalues spread out in the complex plane as the isospin chemical potential grows. [link].


A low-energy approximation of QCD is improved to match lattice results on inverse magnetic catalysis [link].


Charged pions decay orders of magnitude faster if exposed to strong magnetic fields [link].


The phase diagram of isospin-dense QCD exhibits a rich structure [link].
Figure represented in PRD's Kaleidoscope.


A generative neural network learns essential features of lattice scalar field theory [link].


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