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Prof. Gergely Endrődi

Hi. I'm a theoretical particle physicist working in the field of lattice field theory. The lattice approach is a numerical method through which we can systematically investigate the elementary particles of nature. I'm particularly interested in the physics of quarks and gluons in extreme conditions: high temperatures, high densities and strong background magnetic fields.

I'm a W2-professor at the Faculty of Physics in the Opens external link in new windowTheoretical high-energy group and a principal investigator in the Collaborative Research Center Opens internal link in current windowCRC-TR 211 of the Universities Bielefeld, Darmstadt and Frankfurt. Furthermore, I have been the head of the recently completed Opens internal link in current windowEmmy Noether junior research group.

Some help with Hungarian language: my first name is pronounced as [ 'gεrgεj ] and can be shortened to Gergő [ 'gεrgø: ].


Faculty of Physics            
University of Bielefeld      
D-33615 Bielefeld

Office: E6-140

Tel: 0521/106-2610
Fax: 0521/106-2961

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