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Group Seminar Schedule

Friday, 10:15 am, during regular semester weeks
Room D0-262



Seminar dates for SS 19

Date Speaker Topic
03.05.2019 Yubo Qi Nano V2O5/Ti porous membrane for high efficiency oxidation of cyclohexane
10.05.2019 Daniil Naberenzhnyi Nanomcomposites based on In2O3 for gas sensors
17.05.2019 Julian Behrens MD on CNM
24.05.2019 Udo Werner Sicherheitsbelehrung/Safety instructions
07.06.2019 Natalie Frese Test Talk
14.06.2019 Florian Paneff Dipolar Rotors (Theory and Experiment)
21.06.2019 Daniel Emmrich HIM et al.
28.06.2019 Dario Stierl Wasser Permeation durch QPT
05.07.2019 Timo Wilke Vapor permeation measurements with free-standing nanomembranes
12.07.2019 Patrick Stohmann Molecularly resolved STM imaging of electron induced crosslinking of aromatic SAMs

WS 18/19

Date Speaker Topic
12.10.18 Xianghui Zhang Dipolar Molecular Rotors in SURMOF
09.11.18 Po Yuan EUV Lithography
Riko Korzetz
Timo Wilke

Irena Petrinić
Claus Helix-Nielsen
Progress in Forward Osmosis (in cooperation with University of Maribor/Slovenia)
16.11.18 Berthold Völkel (coord.) How to make the lab better and safer
23.11.18 Patrick Stohmann Transition from TPT-SAM to CNM, seen by STM
30.11.18 Raphael Dalpke Recent results, Kinetics, Biology
07.12.18 Florian Paneff Mechanics of Nanocarbons
14.12.18 Linh Le Hoang CNMs from silver substrates
20.12.18   X-Mas Party
Yang Yang tba
18.01.18 Daniel Emmrich Everthing about HIM
25.01.18 C. David Kaiser Membranes from Pentacene
01.02.18 Michael Westphal Something with Electronics and Nanoparticles

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