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International Context

The IRTG is part of a comprehensive international research program. In particular:

  • There are large experimental research programs at major laboratories. The ongoing research at RHIC (BNL) as well as the planned experiments at European colliders, LHC (CERN) and, in the future, FAIR (GSI), will perform studies of hot and dense matter for more than the next decade which also provides a firm basis and need for theoretical research in this field.
  • A rapidly growing amount of astrophysical and cosmological data is or will be available from cutting edge experiments. For instance, the large scale structure of the universe is studied by cosmic microwave observations (WMAP, Planck) and large galaxy surveys (SDSS, 6dF). The knowledge about compact stars will profit from space missions like XMM-Newton or Chandra as well as from modern radio-astronomy observatories.
  • An important aspect of the IRTG is the use of state-of-the-art computing facilities and the participation in the development of new special purpose computers for large scale numerical calculations. Furthermore, the IRTG has access to supercomputer centers and maintains close connections to the leading computational physics centers that deal with IRTG related topics (Columbia/RIKEN/BNL, Tsukuba).
  • The research and educational program of the IRTG is closely linked to activities of the major international physics institutes (INT (Seattle), ITP (Santa Barbara), ECT* (Trento)) which regularly organize workshops and summer institutes related to topics of the IRTG. Students of the IRTG have the chance to receive additional training through participation in these international programs and to discuss their own work in a stimulating international environment.
  • The research topics of the IRTG are central topics of large international conference series (Quark Matter, Lattice Field Theory, Strong and Electroweak Matter, COSMO) where also the students present their work.

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