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GRK 881
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GRK 881: Quantum Fields and Strongly Interacting Matter


From Vacuum to Extreme Density and Temperature Conditions

Universität Bielefeld / Universite Paris-Sud XI (Paris VI, Paris VII, Saclay)


since July 2009 extended by

PACO: Particle Physics and Cosmology

Finnish-German Researcher Training Cooperation


Supported by DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - from 01.10.2003 - 30.09.2012

expired September 2012


In the International Research Training Group (IRTG, Internationales Graduiertenkolleg) "Quantum Fields and Strongly Interacting Matter" the research groups at Bielefeld University and in Paris (Paris VI, Paris XI, Saclay), since recently in cooperation with research groups in Finland (Helsinki, Jyväskylä), coordinate and focus their research and educational activities in a field of physics, which is based on concepts developed in particle, statistical and nuclear physics and utilizes modern numerical and analytic research tools.

The IRTG is a school of theoretical physics. Its program concentrates on collective phenomena and macroscopic properties of particle matter described by Quantum Field Theories. Such theories exhibit a complex, non-perturbative vacuum structure which is reflected in a rich phase structure of macroscopic systems made of many elementary particles at high temperature or density. This has important observable consequences in cosmology and heavy ion physics which are explored in large international experimental and theoretical research programs.

In its research and educational program the IRTG explores

  • the collective behaviour of particle matter at high temperatures and densities,
  • the relation between non-perturbative vacuum properties of quantum field theories and the phase structure of these theories at high temperature and densities, and
  • the properties of dense matter as it is created in a cosmological and astrophysical context as well as in heavy ion experiments.

A unique feature of the IRTG is the diversity of state-of-the-art research techniques and tools which the participating researchers contribute to the research and educational program. The graduate students will receive training on and perform research with

  • advanced programming techniques and algorithms for dedicated parallel computers to explore non-perturbative aspects of lattice regularized quantum field theories,
  • modern field theoretic concepts to incorporate non-perturbative aspects of quantum field theories and the collective behaviour of elementary particle matter in analytic calculations.
  • Within the educational program of the IRTG including its student exchange and visitor components the students will receive training in an international research and teaching environment, get into contact with a broad variety of research techniques and problems related to their specific research topic and establish links to leading experts early in their scientific career.

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