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For international students as well as for our German students who want to get familiar with "the physics language of the world" the Physics Department provides lectures, exercises and seminars in English. 

This offer generally concerns advanced courses of the master programmes in

  • physics
  • biophysics
  • nano science
  • mathematical and theoretical physics

The M.Sc. programme regarding Mathematical and Theoretical Physics can be studied entirely in the English language ("international track").

In addition, many specialized courses which are closely connected to the research activities of the department are regularly taught in English. This includes, for instance, Theoretical Biophysics, Physics of Nanostructures, QCD, Advanced Statistical Physics, Lattice Field Theory, Hydrodynamics, Non-equilibrium Physics, Semiconductor Physics and several others. In addition, some special lectures preparing e.g. for the B.Sc. thesis are frequently taught in English. Furthermore we offer a rich programme of lab courses.

While the introductory physics courses in the bachelor phase are being taught in German, exercise sheets and exams in English can be arranged for on request. A complete list of upcoming courses can be found in the electronic data base eKVV (English as well as German). There you also find courses of past semesters, which may give you an impression of our course portfolio.

A table list of upcoming courses which are planed to be taught in English in the next two years, can be found here.

If you need to know more details, for instance if you want to join us as an ERASMUS+ student, please simply send an email to Opens window for sending emailDr. Armin Brechling with your inquiry.

Our ERASMUS+ representives can be found here



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