12. Kosmologietag

Plenary Talks

Geraldine Servant
The serendipity of electroweak baryogenesis

Julien Lesgourgues
Cosmological constraints on a possibly non-trivial Dark Matter sector

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Florian Führer
Shell-crossing and the classical limit of the Schrödiger-Poisson equation

Caroline Heneka
Cold dark energy constraints from the abundance of galaxy clusters

Bodo Schwabe
Simulating galaxy fomation with Fuzzy Dark Matter

Carsten Littek
A kinetic field theory for structure formation - velocity statistics

Isabel Oldengott
Exact description and constraints of interacting neutrinos in cosmology

Dario Gueter
Testing the low scale seesaw and leptogenesis

Dennis Schröder
Helicity asymmetry of sterile neutrinos in thermal leptogenesis

Dries Coone
Nilpotent inflation and gauge mediation of SUSY breaking: when cosmology meets particle physics

Katy Clough
Robustness of inflation to inhomogeneous initial conditions


Friday, May 19, 2017

Marvin Pinkwart
Investigating CMB anomalies with multipole vectors

Mohamed Rameez
Dipoles in the angular distribution of galaxies as observed in radio and infrared surveys

Thilo Siewert
A new estimate of the cosmic radio dipole at 150 MHz

Matteo Maturi
AMICO: detection of galaxy clusters in the Euclid survey

Sebastian Bramberger
Quantum transition through cosmological singularities

Shane Farnsworth
Stability through a Cartan Bounce