7. Kosmologietag

Internationales Begegnungszentrum, IBZ
Bielefeld University

May 3 to 4, 2012

We kindly invite you to participate in the 7th „Kosmologietag“ in Bielefeld on 3 / 4 May 2012. We plan on having informal talks by young scientists, complemented by invited overview talk, given by 

Thomas Schwetz-Mangold, MPI Heidelberg
News from neutrinos

Patrick Peter, IAP / GReCO Paris
The Universe as a closed quantum system

Fritz Röpke, MPA Garching
Type Ia supernovae - the astrophysics behind cosmological probes

You are welcome to submit a talk about any aspect of cosmology. Areas of cosmology which we expect to cover include the CMB, large scale structure, dark matter, inflation, dark energy (and its alternatives) and baryo- / leptogenesis.

The deadline for submission of talks was April 15, 2012. It is no longer possible to submit talks.

Registration is closed now.

Talks - with the exception of the overview talks - should last 15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion.

The first day of the workshop will begin after lunch on Thursday,  the 3rd of May, and will consist of 2 – 3 sessions, followed by a dinner at the IBZ. On the second day we will have another two sessions and we will finish around lunchtime, so that travel back home is possible on the same day if desired. 

There is a registration fee of 35,00 Euro. Payment cash upon arrival only!

There will be coffee-breaks and dinner at the IBZ. We will not be able to give financial support for travel and accommodation. For questions concerning support (in individual cases) or talks, please, contact:

Dominik Schwarz  

Dietrich Bödeker
Dominika Konikowska
Dominik Schwarz

Please, note: there will be a colloquium of the new Research Training Group "Models of Gravity" in IBZ, Bielefeld University, on May 2, 2012, starting at 2 p.m. 


Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics

Bielefeld University



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