9. Kosmologietag

May 8 to 9, 2014

joined with the

Spring Workshop

of the Research Training Group "Models of Gravity"

The joined events will take place in

Internationales Begegnungszentrum, IBZ

Bielefeld University

May 7 to 9, 2014

This year the 9th Kosmologietag ('Cosmology Day') is joined with the Spring Workshop of the Research Training Group, RTG,  Models of Gravity.

The first part (Wednesday and Thursday morning) will be devoted to topics of the RTG 'Models of Gravity'. The second part, Kosmologietag, starts as usual on Thursday after lunch and ends Friday noon. The obligatory dinner takes place in Brauhaus in the city center.

You are invited to participate in one or both events.

The workshop consists of mainly contributed talks, complemented by invited overview talks given by

Jörg Dietrich, LMU Munich
The South Pole Telescope Cluster Survey and its Cosmological Implications

Stefan Fliescher, Univ. of Minnesota
Detection of B-mode Polarisation at Degree Scales using BICEP2

Daniel Grumiller, TU Vienna
Black Hole Thermodynamics

Martin Reuter, THEP Mainz
Asymptotical Safe Gravity

Pasquale Dario Serpico
, LAPT, CNRS, Paris
Indirect Dark Matter Detection: Tales of Scales

You are welcome to submit a title for a contributed talk (15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion) about any aspect of cosmology (Thursday-Friday) and gravity (Wednesday). The deadline for submitting a title of a talk is April 23, 2014.

There will be a moderate registration fee of 60 Euro to be paid cash upon arrival.

In general, no financial support for travel and accommodation is foreseen.

For scientific questions, please contact: 

Opens window for sending emailDaniel Boriero 

For all other non-scientific questions, please, contact:

Opens window for sending emailGudrun Eickmeyer (secretary)

Dietrich Bödeker
Daniel Boriero
Dominik Schwarz

Detailed information about previous events can be found at:

Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics