10. Kosmologietag

Center for Interdisciplinary Research, ZiF

Bielefeld University

May 7 to 8, 2015


Due to several building activities in and out of the university main building there are some little changes in the routing to ZiF. Please, find here a plan of a footpath from university to ZiF.

Or, as a shortcut, you can walk through the main building and continue to ZiF via one of the pedestrian pathes up the hill.

We wish all our guests a good journey and hope that all of you will arrive here inspite of Bahnstreik.


We kindly invite you to participate in the 10th Kosmologietag in Bielefeld on 7 / 8 May 2015 (this year at ZiF).

Kosmologietag, starts as usual on Thursday after lunch and ends Friday noon. The obligatory dinner takes place on Thursday evening in Brauhaus in the city center.

The workshop consists of mainly contributed talks, complemented by invited overview talks given by

Wilfried Buchmüller, DESY Hamburg
Grand Unification and the Early Universe

Dragan Huterer, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Growth of Cosmic Structure - the Next Frontier

Pavel Naselsky, NBI Copenhagen
Cosmology after Planck

You are welcome to submit a title for a contributed talk about any aspect of cosmology and gravity. (Areas of cosmology which we expect to cover include the CMB, large scale structure, dark matter, inflation, dark energy (and its alternatives) and baryo-/leptoggenesis)

Talks - with the exception of the overview talks - should last 15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion.

It is no longer possible to submit talks.

Registration is still open.

There will be a moderate registration fee of 40,00€ to be paid cash upon arrival.
In general, no financial support for travel and accommodation is foreseen.

For scientific questions, please contact: 

Opens window for sending emailDaniel Boriero 

For all other non-scientific questions, please, contact:

Opens window for sending emailGudrun Eickmeyer (secretary)

Dietrich Bödeker
Daniel Boriero
Dominik Schwarz

Detailed information about previous events can be found at:

Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics