Friday 15. December 2017

Francesco Mezzadri
Free fermioons and the classical compact groups

Alexander Bufetov
Conditional measures of determinantal point processes

Hans Weidenm├╝ller
Massive modes for quantum dots

Uzy Smilansky
The distribution of delay-times

Mira Shamis
The Curie-Weiss model at complex temperature

Gregory Schehr
Exact extremal statistics in the classical 1d Coulomb gas

Klaus Frahm
Wikipedia mining of hidden links between political leaders using reduced Google matrix

Thomas Guhr
The correlated Wishart model: New results and a new interpretation


Saturday 16. December 2017

Vadim Gorin
Local limits of random sorting networks

Carl Dettmann
Spectral statistics of random geometric graphs

Pierre Le Doussal
Memory effects in Kardar Parisi Zhang growth: exact results via the replica Bethe ansatz

Patrik Ferrari
Universaltiy of the GOE Tracy-Widom distribution for TASEP with arbitrary density

Arno Kuijlaars
Tiling models and matrix valued orthogonal polynomials

Mylene Maida
Concentration for Coulomb gases and Coulomb transport inequalities

Izaak Neri
Eigenvalue outliers of sparse non-Hermition random matrices