Mathematical Physics
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Travel by Air

Please see linked page regarding preferred airports. All information regarding transport by rail and public transport to/from the airport can be found below.


Travel by Road

From the North: Travelling on the A2 motorway from Hannover to Dortmund take exit 27 "Bielefeld Ost", and follow Lagesche Str./B66 toward Bielefeld-Zentrum (Beware! There is a speed trap about 200 metres from the first set of traffic lights!) for about 7 kilometres. At the T-junction turn right onto Arthur-Ladebeck-Straße, but stay in the left hand lane. At the third set of traffic lights turn left into Stapenhorststraße. Follow the road for about 1.7 kilometres.

From the south: Travelling on the A2 motorway from Dortmund to Hannover, at junction 25 (Kreuz Bielefeld) follow signs for A33 towards "Osnabrück/Bielefeld". Follow the A33 for about 7 km. Then take the exit for the B61. Continue on the B61 for about 6 km and take the exit towards "Werther/Rudolf-Oetker-Halle/St-Franziskus-Hospital". Continue on Stapenhorststraße for approx. 1.6 km. 

To get to the main University Building: Turn right into Kurt-Schumacher-Straße and follow the road for 1.3 kilometres. Turn left into "Spannungsbogen". At the round about turn right. Parking facilities are on your right, the university on your left hand side.

To get to the ZiF: Continue on "Stapenhorststraße/Wertherstraße" for a further 1.2 kilometres. Turn left into "Methoden".


Please use "Universitätsstr. 25, 33615 Bielefeld" on your sat-nav to go to the Bielefeld university main building (ample parking facilities across from entrance).

Please use "Methoden 1, 33615 Bielefeld" on your sat-nat to go to the ZiF.


For a quick overview, please see this plan of the major roads from motorway to university/ZiF


Travel by Rail

Please use the linked page of Deutsche Bahn to plan your journey to/from Bielefeld. From Bielefeld Main Station (Bielefeld Hauptbahnhof or Bielefeld Hbf) you can find connections to the main Airports like Hannover, Dortmund, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. The underground tram stop to get to Bielefeld university is directly accross from the main entrance. Please see "Travel by Public Transport" for further info.

For further information whilst on the move we suggest you download the "DB Navigator" (Android & Apple) onto your mobile phones. 


Travel by Public Transport

The name of the tram stops for Bielefeld university are "Universität" for the university main building and "Bültmannshof" for the ZiF.

The line is  4 Lohmannshof or  4 Universität if travelling from the station or town centre to the university. For the return journey the line is also 4. The direction will say "Stieghorst" or "Hauptbahnhof" (where the second one will go to the station only but not through to town centre).

Bielefeld station to university

To get to the underground tram stop at Bielefeld station ("Hauptbahnhof") take the main exit to "Bahnhofsvorplatz". Walk straight on, over the zebra crossing. Approximately 50 metres onwards on your left you will find the stairs down to the stop. The trams to the university/ZiF usually leave from platform 3 (Gleis 3) but please check the displays. There are 4 stops to "Bültmannshof" and 5 stops to "Universität". The journey should take about 6 to 7 minutes.

Tickets & Routes

Tickets for the trams can be bought at the vending machines at the tram stops and must be time stamped when entering bus or tram. A single ticket (Einzelticket, Preisstufe 1) currently costs € 2.90. Depending on the length of yours stay you may wish to choose a "4er-Ticket" (4 journey ticket) for € 9.20 or even a 7 day ticket (7-Tage-Ticket) for € 23.50.

Further ticket prices can be found here.

A map showing all tram routes can be found here.

A map showing all tram & bus routes can be found here.

For further information whilst on the move we suggest you download the "moBiel App" from your PlayStore or AppStore.




Where is the Faculty of Physics? Where can you find Theoretical Physics?

The faculty of physics is located in the main university building (UHG - Universitätshauptgebäude).

Theoretical physics can be found in section E on floors 5 & 6.

Experimental Physics are located in Annex D on floors 0 - 4.

The ZiF is located about 1.5 km uphill from the university towards the woods.



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