The poster session will take place on Wednesday, 16-17 pm, in the university hall.

The poster size should be A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm)

The following posters have been registered:




D. Bollweg

Pressure in Strong Coupling LQCD: Comparing Taylor Expansion with Simulations in Dual Representation

P. Enns

Taylor Expansion for Isospin Fluctuations in Lattice QCD

J. Goswami

QCD phase diagram for finite imaginary chemical potential with HISQ fermions

J. Lenz

A Dual Formulation for Gross-Neveu Models

M. Klegrewe

Continuous Time Monte Carlo: Hamiltonian Formulation of Strong Coupling LQCD

J. Scheunert

3d Effective Theory of Lattice QCD: Analytic Evaluation on Large N_c Limit

S. Schmalzbauer

Reweighting from QCD with finite isospin chemical potential

K. Welscher

The Sign Problem in the Massive Schwinger Model

K. Zambello

Towards Lefschetz thimble regularization of heavy-dense QCD