Parallel Sessions


Session 1a (PLENARSAAL)

Session 2a (LONG TABLE ROOM)

chair: David Blaschke

chair: Joachim Stroth


Bernd Jochen Schäfer

Phase structure, Thermodynamics and Fluctuations in QCD

Emil Kaptur

Energy scan with Be+Be collisions: cross-section, centrality determination, pion spectra and mean multiplicities


Maria Paola Lombardo

Chiral symmetry restoration in QCD with many flavors

Tobiasz Czopowicz

Transverse momentum and multiplicity fluctuations in Be+Be energy scan from NA61/SHINE


Chihiro Sasaki

Chiral thermodynamics with charm

Bartosz Maksiak

Two particle correlations from the energy scan with p+p interactions


Pok Man Lo

Deconfinement phase transition in the heavy quark region

Jurii Karpenko

Beam energy scan using a viscous hydro+cascade model


 Coffee break

Session 1b

Session 2b

chair: Edward Shuryak

chair: Rajiv Gavai


Taekwang Kim

Dilepton production spectra above Tc analyzed with a lattice quark propagator

Prasad Hegde

The equation of state from lattice QCD


Partha Bagchi

Disintegration of quarkonia in QGP due to time dependent potential

Yu Maezawa

Thermal modifications of in-medium mesons from screening properties on lattice


Lang Yu

Induced local CP violation in chiral symmetric phase and inverse magnetic catalysis

Denes Sexty

Simulating QCD at nonzero baryon density to all orders in the hopping parameter expansion


Bo Feng

(Inverse) Magnetic Catalysis in Bose-Einstein Condensation of Neutral Cooper Pairs

Helvio Vairinhos

Lattice gauge theory without link variables