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Research groups


Experimental Physics


Theoretical Physics

Physics of Supermolecular Systems and Surfaces
(Prof. Gölzhäuser, PD Dr. Beyer)

Ultrafast Science
(Prof. Turchinovich, Prof. Pfeiffer)

Thin Films & Physics of Nanostructures
(Prof. Reiss, Prof. Hütten, Prof. Schierning, Jun-Prof. Caron and Jun.-Prof. Meinert)


High Energy Physics
(Prof. Bödeker, Prof. Borghini, Prof. Karsch, Prof. Schlichting, Prof. Schwarz, PD Dr. Schmidt)

Biomolecular Photonics
(Prof. Huser)

Mathematical Physics
(Prof. Akemann)

Experimental Biophysics
(Prof. Anselmetti)

Condensed Matter Theory
(Prof. Dahm, Prof. Reimann, Prof. Schnack)

Radio Astronomy
(Prof. Verbiest)


Didactics of Physics



Didactic of Physics
(Prof. Fromme)

Professor emeritus

Further Research Facilities:



Bielefeld Institute for Biophysics and Nanoscience


Cognitive Interaction Technology Center of Excellence

FOR 945

Forschergruppe Nanomagnete

FOR 2692

Forschergruppe Fundamental Aspects of Statistical Mechanics and the Emergence of Thermodynamics in Non-Equilibrium Systems


Bielefeld Graduate School in Theoretical Sciences


Strong-Interaction Matter under Extreme Conditions

Training Group GRK 1620

Models of Gravity

International Research Training Group IGK 1132



Stochastic and Real World Models




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