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Ultrafast Science


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The scientific scope of Ultrafast Science research unit (D4 - Prof. D. Turchinovich, Prof. W. Pfeiffer) is the studies of dynamics of electrons, lattice, and spins in condensed matter on the ultrafast timescales ranging from attoseconds (10-18 s) to picoseconds (10-12 s). Advanced experimental techniques used in our research unit range from attosecond XUV spectroscopy to femtosecond nano-optics to terahertz spectroscopy, implemented in many different modalities. All our research methods rely on highly-elaborate femtosecond laser infrastructure, established within the research unit.

Ultrafast Science
Bielefeld University, Department of Physics
Universitätsstrasse 25 
33615 Bielefeld

Phone: +49 521 106 5467

Selected Publications

W. Zhang et al.,  Ultrafast terahertz magnetometry
Nature Commun. 11, 4247 (2020)

H. A. Hafez et al., Extremely efficient terahertz high-harmonic generation in graphene by hot Dirac fermions 
Nature 561, 507 (2018)   

X. Li et al.,  Observation of Dicke cooperativity in magnetic interactions
Science 361, 794 (2018)

A. Tomadin et al., The ultrafast dynamics and conductivity of photoexcited graphene at different Fermi energies
Science Advances 4, eaar5313 (2018)

M. Grechko et al., Coupling between intra- and intermolecular motions in liquid water revealed by two-dimensional terahertz-infrared-visible spectroscopy
Nature Communications 9, 885 (2018)

K.-J. Tielrooij et al., Out-of-plane heat transfer in van der Waals stacks through electron–hyperbolic phonon coupling
Nature Nanotechnology 13, 41 (2018)

H. Kim et al., Direct observation of mode-specific phonon-band gap coupling in methylammonium lead halide perovskites
Nature Communications 8, 687 (2017)

T. Seifert et al., Efficient metallic spintronic emitters of ultrabroadband terahertz radiation
Nature Photonics 10, 483 (2016)

H. Tu et al., Stain-free histopathology by programmable supercontinuum pulses 
Nature Photonics 10, 534 (2016)

Z. Jin et al., Accessing the fundamentals of magnetotransport in metals with terahertz probes
Nature Physics 11, 761 (2015)

Z. Mics et al.,Thermodynamic picture of ultrafast charge transport in graphene 
Nature Communications 6, 7655 (2015)

Group Admin

A. Kay Lofthouse

D4 Ultrafast Science
Bielefeld University
Faculty of Physics / BINAS   
Universitaetsstrasse 25
33615 Bielefeld, Germany
Office: UHG D4-217
Tel.: +49 (521) 106 - 54 67
Fax: +49 (521) 106 - 60 01

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