Details for Video Connection:

You are invited to a DFNconf Meeting:

Name of meeting room:   LOFAR Cosmology
Number of meeting room: 97983798

There is a range of possibilities to attend the meeting:

1. Web browser on Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux:

(When testing the system we had problems with Google Chrome, but Firefox and Safari worked well).

2. Via SIP/H.323 room system or SIP/H.323 client:

   H.323: 004910097983798

3. Via phone (audio only):
   dial 0049 30 200 97983798

4. Via Skype for business:

5. Mobile via a smartphone:
   Requires the installation of the Pexip app at



Wait for your host to start the meeting.

In order to test your connection prior to the meeting you can use:

Information on DFN data policy can be found here (in German):