Thursday, Nov 21, 2019
room D3-150

12:15   Lunch at Univarza (restaurant in the central hall of Bielefeld University)
13:30 Dominik Schwarz Welcome and Agenda
13:45 David Bacon LOFAR Surveys Cosmology (overview)
14:30 Masiej Bilicki Lessons from TGSS
15:00   Coffee Break
15:30 Erik Osinga Radio jet alignment
16:00   Discussion
17:00   Synergies with other surveys


Friday, Nov 22, 2019
room D3-150

09:00 Thilo Siewert One-point statistics in LoTSS-DR1
09:30 Nitesh Bhardwaj Two-point statistics in LoTSS-DR1 (and in Bootes deep field)
10:00 Tim Shimwell Status of LOFAR Surveys Observations and Calibration issues
11:00   Coffee Break
11:15   Discussion
12:30   Lunch at Univarza
13:30 room E6-139 Discussion
14:00 end of video Work on open issues
open end