12. Kosmologietag

May 18 to 19, 2017

Center for Interdisciplinary Research, ZiF

Bielefeld University



Thursday, May 18

12:30   Welcome Coffee & Registration for Kosmologietag
13:10 Florian Führer Shell-crossing and the classical limit of the Schrödinger-Poisson equation
13:30 Caroline Heneka Cold dark energy constraints from the abundance of galaxy clusters
13:50 Bodo Schwabe Simulating galaxy formation with Fuzzy Dark Matter
14:10 Carsten Littek A kinetic field theory for structure formation – velocity statistics
14:30   Coffee Break
15:00 Isabel Oldengott Exact description and constraints of interacting neutrinos in cosmology
15:20 Dario Gueter Testing the low scale seesaw and leptogenesis
15:40 Dennis Schröder Helicity asymmetry of sterile neutrinos in thermal leptogenesis
16:00 Dries Coone Nilpotent inflation and gauge mediation of SUSY breaking: when cosmology meets particle physics
16:20   Coffee Break
16:50 Katy Clough Robustness of inflation to inhomogeneous initial conditions
17:10 - 18:10 Geraldine Servant The serendipity of electroweak baryogenesis
19:30   Dinner at Brauhaus Johann Albrecht


Friday, May 19

09:00 Marvin Pinkwart Investigating CMB anomalies with multipole vectors
09:20 Mohamed Rameez Dipoles in the angular distribution of galaxies as observed in radio and infrared surveys
09:40 Thilo Siewert A new estimate of the cosmic radio dipole at 150 MHz
10:00   Coffee Break
10:30 Matteo Maturi AMICO: detection of galaxy clusters in the Euclid survey
10:50 Sebastian Bramberger Quantum transition through cosmological singularities
11:10 Shane Farnsworth Stability through a Cartan Bounce
11:30   Coffee Break
12:00 - 13:00 Julien Lesgourgues Cosmological constraints on a possibly non-trivial Dark Matter sector
13.00 End of Kosmologietag