14. Kosmologietag

May 16 to 17, 2019

Center for Interdisciplinary Research, ZiF

Bielefeld University


Thursday, May 16

12:30   Welcome Coffee & Registration for Kosmologietag
13:00 Schwaller Axions, phase transitions or dark matter? Probing the dark sector with gravitational waves
14:00 Klose Relativistic and spectator effects in leptogenesis with heavy sterile neutrinos
14:15 Schröder Equilibration of right-handed electrons
14:30 Saikawa Inflationary gravitational waves in the Standard Model and beyond
14:45 Hajkarim Primordial gravitational waves in standard and non-standard cosmologies
15:00   Coffee Break
15:30 Basu Polarization observations of gravitational lens systems as probes to constrain Axion dark matter
15:45 Gouttenoire Implication of supercooling on DM in composite Higgs
16:00 Oldengott How to relax the cosmological neutrino mass bound
16:15 Buldgen Quantum and dissipative effects on scalar field dynamics in the early universe
16:30   Coffee Break
17:00 Hildebrandt Cosmological results from observations of weak gravitational lensing
18:00   end of 1st day of Kosmologietag
19:00   Dinner at Brauhaus Johann Albrecht


Friday, May 17

09:00 Christodoulidis Scaling attractors in multi-field inflation
09:15 Kim On plateau-type inflation
9:30 Glavan Scalar electrodynamics in power-law inflation
9:45 Giese Vacuum Stability in the Froggatt-Nielsen mechanism
10:00   Coffee Break
10:30 Kreling Revisiting the number of e-folds of inflation
10:45 Drewes Measuring the Inflaton Coupling in the CMB
11:00 Creswell E/B decomposition of CMB polarization in the pixel domain
11:15 Kühnel Primordial black holes and quantum diffusion
11:30   Coffee Break
12:00 Biermann Dependence of two-point correlation function estimators on the size of random samples
12:15 Rubira 3 loops effective field theory of large scale structure
12:30 von Hausegger Short review of large scale bulk flows and tilted universes
12:45   End of Kosmologietag