16. Kosmologietag

May 5 to 6, 2022

ZiF | Bielefeld University




Thursday, May 5, 2022

12:30   Registration
13:00   Welcome
13:02 Carlo Tasillo Listening to Dark Sector Phase Transitions
13:20 Florian K├╝hnel Primordial Black Holes from Confinement
13:38 Yannis Georis Mapping the Viable Parameter Space for Testable Leptogenesis
13:56 Philipp Klose Gravitational Wave Background from Non-Abelian Reheating after Axion-like Inflation
14:14 Garv Chauhan Probing the Neutrinophilic Z' at the DUNE Near Detector
14:32 Wenbin Zhao Particle physics and cosmology of an MeV scale Lmu - Ltau model
14:50   Coffee break
15:20 Emil Holm Decaying Warm Dark Matter
15:38 Alaric Erschfeld Functional Methods for Cosmic Large-scale Structure Formation
15:56 Caroline Heneka Learning Cosmology from Intensity Mapping Lightcones with Neural Nets
16:14 Nick Horstmann Inference of the Cosmic Restframe from Supernovae Ia
16:32 Laura Herold A New Constraint on Early Dark Energy Using the Profile Likelihood
16:50 Tatevik Vardanyan Power Spectrum for Perturbations in an Inflationary Model for a Closed Universe
17:08   Coffee break
17:30 Kai Schmitz Probing New Physics with Pulsar Timing Arrays
18:30   End
19:30   Dinner at Brauhaus "Joh. Albrecht"


Friday, May 6, 2022

9:00 Jamie McDonald A New Approach to Superradiance in Stars
9:18 Anton Sokolov Generic Axion-photon Effective Field Theory
9:36 Dennis Maseizik "Boson Stars" - Bose-Einstein Condensates of Axion-like Dark Matter
9:54 Ayad Ahmed Searching for Axions and Axion-like Particles
10:12   Coffee break
10:40 Lavinia Heisenberg Tests of Gravity
10:58 Sarif Khan A Two-Component Dark Matter Model and its Associated Gravitational Waves
11:16 Alessandro Lenoci Gravitational Focusing of Wave Dark Matter
11:34   Coffee break
12:00 Laura Sagunski Gravitational Waves from the Dark Side of the Universe
13:00   End