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Master theses


    * An Investigation of the Feasibility of Automated Pulsar Moding Identification
    Master thesis Maik Sowinski, March 2022
    * About the stability of the original black-widow pulsar B1957+20
    Master thesis Philipp Krause, January 2022
    * Enabling Next-Generation Real-Time Pulsar Astronomy via Accelerated Processing on Tensor Cores
    Master thesis Constantin Pestka, December 2021
    * Analysing the Rotating Vector Model of Pulsar Radio Emission
    Master thesis Niklas Löwe, February 2021
    * Glitches and Timing Noise in Radio Pulsars
    Master thesis Jonathan David Nölke, December 2020
    * Scintillation at 140 MHz
    Master thesis Philip Bergjann, October 2020
    * Probing the Solar Magnetosphere with LOFAR
    Master thesis Tristan Dederichs, August 2020
    * Bright and Giant Pulses at LOFAR Frequencies
    Master thesis Steffen Silies, October 2019
    * Drifting Sub-pulses of PSR J0034-0721
    Master thesis Stefan Grohnert, October 2019
    * LOFAR Studies of Interstellar Scintillations
    Master thesis Lars Künkel, November 2017
    * Simulations of Pulsar Emission Regions and Pulse Profile Evolution due to Geodetic Precession
    Master thesis Lorenz Matthias Haase, September 2017
    * LOFAR Studies of the Ionized Interstellar Medium at the Smallest Scales
    Master thesis Julian Donner, March 2017

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