Sums & Products of Random Matrices

August 27 – 31, 2018

 at the ZiF - Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Bielefeld University


During this workshop we want to gather experts in engineering, mathematics and physics who are working on the recent developments in the field of sums, products and other involved structures of random matrices. Constructions of more realistic random matrix models were always favorable and this for a long time reaching back to the middle of last century. The reason is the broad applicability including the stability of ecosystems in biology, the propagation of information in wireless telecommunications and quantum computing, physical theories like classical/quantum chaos, quantum field theory and quantum transport theory, and mathematical topics such as combinatorics, group theory, harmonic analysis and probability theory. Due to the more involved structures of these random matrix models their analysis is highly demanding and only slow progress was made until just the past decade. Due to new insights a lot of progress was made in the study of eigenvalues, singular values and eigenvectors which revitalized the whole field. This included the local as well as the global spectral statistics. In this workshop these new developments shall be highlighted. We want to bring together the various communities working on topics which comprise block/tensor matrices, combinatorics, determinantal point processes/biorthogonal functions, dynamical systems/stochastic processes, eigenvector/overlap analysis, harmonic analysis, free probability, supersymmetry, and wireless telecommunication/information theory. The workshop will take place at the  ZiF next to Bielefeld University.



G. Alfano (Italy)

O. Arizmendi (Mexico)

S. Belinschi (France)

Z. Burda (Poland)

G. Caire (Germany)

B. Çakmak (Germany)

T. Claeys (Belgium)M. Defosseux (France) V. Gorin (USA)

J. Grela (France)

A. Hardy (France)

J. Ipsen (Australia)

H. Kösters (Germany)

T. Krüger (Germany)

A. Kuijlaars (Belgium)

S. Kumar (India)

R. Lenczewski (Poland)

D.-Z. Liu (P.R. China)

T. Mai (Germany)

W. Młotkowski (Poland)

T. Neuschel (Belgium)

M. Nowak (Poland)

A. Orlov (Moscow)

L. Rondoni (Italy)

S. O'Rourke (USA)

N. Simm (Great Britain)

E. Strahov (Israel)

W. Tarnowski (Poland)

A. Tikhomirov (Russia)

A. Tulino (Italy)

D. Wang (Singapore)

O. Zaboronski (Great Britain)

L. Zhang (P.R. China)

* to be confirmed


Gernot Akemann, Bielefeld University
Giusi Alfano, Politecnico di Torino
Friedrich Götze, Bielefeld University
Mario Kieburg, Bielefeld University

We request all further participants  to register by sending an e-mail to: Opens window for sending emailMarina Hoffmann stating the dates of arrival and departure .

The deadline for registration is 30th of April 2018.

Reimbursement of accommodation will be provided only for the speakers.

For informal enquiries including the scientific part, please, contact any of the organisers.

This event is supported by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF),   the German Research Council (DFG) via the CRC 1283 "Taming uncertainty and profiting from randomness and low regularity in analysis, stochastics and their applications".

It is part of the Bielefeld Stochastic Summer 2018. In that framework the CRC 1283 organizes a Warm-Up Week from August 20 — 23, see
for further details including registration and support.

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