10. Kosmologietag

May 7 to 8, 2015

Center for Interdisciplinary Research, ZiF

Bielefeld University



Thursday, May 7


13:00 - 13:25    Welcome Coffee & Registration

Plenary Session - Plenary Hall

13:25 - 14:25   Wilfried Buchmüller, DESY Hamburg     

                         Grand unification and the early universe                                                                                                                        


Parallel-Session A - Plenary Hall                                                                                     

14:30 Casas, Santiago Forecasting cosmological parameters of dark energy using the nonlinear power spectrum
14:50 Vardanyan, Valeri How can we tell whether dark energy is composed by multiple fields?
15:10 Taddei, Laura A cosmological exclusion plot: towards model-independent constraints on modified gravity from current and future growth rate data
15:30 Jaime, Luisa Diagnostic of f(R) under the Om(z) function
15:50   Coffee Break
16:20 Chen, Song Angular two point correlation function for radio galaxy survey
16:40 Kalus, Benedikt Do we need model-dependent covariances when we test cosmological models with galaxy power spectra?
17:00 Klöckner, Hans-Rainer Real time cosmology with the SKA
17:20   Coffee Break


Parallel Session B - room "long table" 231 M                                                                                                  

14:30 Byrnes, Chris Single versus multifield inflation after Planck
14:50 Coone, Dries Generic predictions of plateau inflation
15:10 Marunovic, Anja Topological inflation and graceful exit
15:30 Tenkanen, Tommi Inflationary imprints on dark matter
15:50   Coffee Break
16:20 Mallwitz, Enno Ekpyrosis disguised as inflation
16:40 Fertig, Angelika The non-minimal ekpyrotic trispectrum
17:20   Coffee Break

Plenary Session - Plenary Hall

17:50 - 18:50    Dragan Huterer, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor                                         

                          Growth of cosmic structure - the next frontier


19:30 - open end        Dinner at Brauhaus Johann Albrecht in the City Center




Friday, May 8

Parallel Session A - Plenary Hall

09:00 Totzauer, Maximilian Scrutinising sterile neutrino dark matter from scalar decay
09:20 Colucci, Stefano Mixed axion/axino dark matter in R-parity violating supersymmetry and X-ray lines
09:40 Asano, Masaki Partially composite dark matter
10:00 Reinert, Annika Alternative propagation models for cosmic positrons
10:20   Coffee Break
10:50 Kühnel, Florian Corpuscular cosmology
11:10 Führer, Florian Stochastic fluids for cosmological clustering
11:30 Sellentin, Elena Forecasting beyond gaussianity
11:50   Coffee Break

Parallel Session B - room "long table" 231 M

9:00 Millington, Peter Radiative effects in decay of metastable vacua: a Green's function approach
9:20 Dresti, Simone Renormalization freedom in curved spacetime
9:40 Gwyn, Rhiannon Cosmological braneworld solutions
10:00 Motta, Mariele Instabilities in bimetric gravity
10:20   Coffee Break
10:50 Könnig, Frank Bimetric gravity - or: the eternal battle between good and evil
11:10 Akrami, Yashar Bimetric gravity is safe - or: good always wins against evil
11:30 Nersisyan, Henrik Consistent metric combinations in cosmology of massive bigravity
11:50   Coffee Break

Pleanary Session - Plenary Hall

12:00 - 13:00    Pavel Naselsky, NBI Copenhagen

                                Cosmology after Planck


13:00                 End of Kosmologietag 2015