Plenary Talks

Wilfried Buchmüller
Grand unification and the early universe

Dragan Huterer
Growth of cosmic structure - the next frontier

Pavel Naselky
Cosmology after Planck

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Session A

Santiago Casas
Forecasting cosmological parameters of dark energy using the nonlinear power spectrum

Valeri Vardanyan
How can we tell whether dark energy is composed by multiple fields?

Laura Taddei
A cosmological exclusion plot: towards model-independent constraints on modified gravity from current and future growth rate data

Luisa Jaime
Diagnostic of f(R) under the Om(z) function

Song Chen
Angular two point correlation function for radio galaxy survey

Benedikt Kalus
Do we need model-dependent covariances when we test cosmological models with galaxy power spectra?

Hans-Rainer Klöckner
Real time cosmology with the SKA

Session B

Chris Byrnes
Single versus multifield inflation after Planck

Dries Coone
Generic predictions of plateau inflation

Anja Marunovic
Topological inflation and graceful exit

Tommi Tenkanen
Inflationary imprints on dark matter

Enno Mallwitz
Ekpyrosis disguised as inflation

Angelika Fertig
The non-minimal ekpyrotic trispectrum

Friday, May 8, 2015

Session A

Maximilian Totzauer
Scrutinising sterile neutrino dark matter from scalar decay

Stefano Colucci
Mixed axion/axino dark matter in R-parity violating supersymmetry and X-ray lines

Masaki Asano
Parially composite dark matter

Annika Reinert
Alternative propagation models for cosmic positrons

Florian Kühnel
Corpuscular cosmology

Florian Führer
Stochastic fluids for cosmological clustering

Elena Sellentin
Forecasting beyond gaussianity

Session B

Peter Millington
Radiative effects in decay of metastable vacua: a Green's function approach

Simone Dresti
Renormalization freedom in curved spacetime

Rhiannon Gwyn
Cosmological braneworld solutions

Mariele Motta
Instabilities in bimetric gravity

Frank Könnig
Bimetric gravity - or: the eternal battle between good and evil

Yashar Akrami
Bimetric gravity is safe - or: good always wins against evil

Henrik Nersisyan
Consistent metric combinations in cosmology of massive bigravity