15. Kosmologietag

May 7 to 8, 2020

in Cyberspace

Bielefeld University


Thursday, May 7

13:50   Welcome & Test of Zoom connection
14:00 Maria Bergemann Chemical evolution of the Milky Way and its implications for the nature of SN Ia
15:00 Peera Simakachorn Beyond the standard models with cosmic strings
15:20   Short Break
15:40 Wolfram Ratzinger Audible axions
16:00 Enrico Morgante Relaxion fragmentation
16:20 Yuko Urakawa Axions, oszillons, and gravitational waves
16:40 Filippo Sala String fragmentation in supercooled confinement and implications for Dark Matter
17:00   Short Break
17:20 Florian Kühnel Constraints on stupendously large black holes
17:40 Samuel Young Counting primordial black holes
18:00 Andrew Gow Primordial black-hole merger rates: Observables for LIGO data
18:20   Wrap Up
18:30   Long Break
20:30 - 22:30   Socialising on Zoom (in small breakout sessions, virtual tables of 8 to 10 persons, self-catering required)
    end of 1st day of Kosmologietag


Friday, May 8

08:50 - 9:00   Test of Zoom connections
9:00 Philip Sörensen BBN constraints on universally-coupled ultralight scalar dark matter
9:20 Sarif Khan FIMP dark matter candidates(s) in a B-L model with inverse seesaw mechanism
9:40 Alexander Klaus Sterile neutrino dark matter: Impact of active-neutrino opacities
10:00 Joe Chen Neutrinos and Large Scale Structure, a marriage between perturbation theory and n-body techniques.
10:20   Short Break
10:40 Isabel Oldengott A critical look at neutrino decay in cosmology
11:00 Jinsu Kim Time-dependent features of primodial power spectrum
11:20 Nitesh Bhardwaj Angular two-point correlation function from the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Surey (DR1)
11:40 Caroline Heneka Intensity mapping observables of cosmology
12:00   Short Break
12:20 Anna Ijjas Cosmology in the era of gravitational wave astronomy
13:30   End of Kosmologietag