15. Kosmologietag

Plenary Talks

Maria Bergemann
Chemical evolution of the Milky Way and its implications for the nature of SN Ia

Anna Ijjas
Cosmology in the era of gravitational wave astronomy

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Peera Simakachorn
Beyond the standard models with cosmic strings

Wolfram Ratzinger
Audible axions

Enrico Morgante
Relaxion fragmentation

Yuko Urakawa
Axions, oszillons, and gravitational waves

Filippo Sala
String fragmentation in supercooled confinement and implications for Dark Matter

Florian Kühnel
Constraints on Stupendously Large Black Holes

Samuel Young
Counting primordial black holes 

Andrew Gow
Primordial black-hole merger rates: Observables for LIGO data


Friday, May 8, 2020

Philip Sörensen
BBN constraints on universally-coupled ultralight scalar dark matter 

Sarif Khan
FIMP dark matter candidates(s) in a B-L model with inverse seesaw mechanism

Alexander Klaus
Sterile neutrino dark matter: Impact of active-neutrino opacities

Joe Chen
Neutrinos and Large Scale Structure, a marriage between perturbation theory and n-body techniques.

Isabel Oldengott
A critical look at neutrino decay in cosmology

Jinsu Kim
Time-dependent features of primodial power spectrum

Nitesh Bhardwaj
Angular two-point correlation function from the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Surey (DR1) 

Caroline Heneka
Intensity mapping observables of cosmology