The international workshop Quarkonia in Deconfined Matter will be held in Acitrezza (Sicily,Italy) in the time September 28 -30, 2011, with arrival on September 27, departure on October 1.

It will be funded by the ExtreMe Matter Institute(EMMI), with additional support by the Catania Section of INFN and by the University of Bielefeld, Germany.


The in-medium behavior of the different quarkonium states was proposed as a tool to study the early, deconfined stage of the medium produced in high energy nuclear collisions. The LHC will open up a decisive energy range for these studies, and it will moreover provide reference measurements to cross-check the conclusions. Both open and hidden charm/bottom production will be measured in proton-proton collisions, providing the reference rates in the absence of a medium. In AA collisions, open charm and open bottom rates will be measured to establish the role of parton shadowing and energy loss. The meeting will therefore address


The meeting will consist of invited talks, to set up a framework, and contributions by the participants. A poster session is also planned.To provide an environment suitable for detailed discussions, the number of participants will be limited to about 50.

Graduate students in the field are strongly encouraged to apply; there will be some student support, as well as the opportunity to present talks and/or posters.

A workshop fee of 75 Euro will be charged on site, to cover coffeebreaks, conference dinner, excursion and transport to and from Catania airport at the beginning and end of the meeting.