Wednesday, 28th

H.K. Woehri:

Quarkonium production in pp collisions at the LHC

G.E. Bruno:

Quarkonium results in pp collisions from ALICE

M. Leitch:

Landscape of the quarkonia puzzle

R. Vogt:

Uncertainty quantification of quarkonium and heavy flavor production

E. Ferreiro:

CNM effects on quarkonium production at RHIC and LHC

A. Frawley:

Quantifying cold nuclear matter effects on J/psi production at RHIC

J.-P. Lansberg:

Quarkonium physics at a fixed-target experiment with the proton and lead LHC beams

M. Laine:

Why should the hot QCD static potential be complex?

A. Rothkopf:

In-medium heavy quark potential from lattice QCD spectral functions

A. Vairo:

Bottomonium in a weakly-coupled quark-gluon plasma

J. Soto:

Heavy quarkonium in a moving thermal bath

M.A. Escobedo:

Gluo-dissociation and quasi-free dissociation in the EFT framework

A. Vairo:

The Polyakov loop and correlator of Polyakov loops at NNLO

R. Rapp:

T-matrix approach to quarkonia in QGP

Thursday, 29th

M. Rosati:

Quarkonia production at PHENIX in AA collisions

J. Bielcik:

Heavy Flavor Measurements in STAR

A. Cerri:

ATLAS results on charmonium production in Pb-Pb and pp collisions at LHC

R. Arnaldi:

Quarkonium production in Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE

V. Kumar:

J/psi production and suppression from pp to Pb-Pb collisions at the CMS

J. Seixas:

New perspectives in polarization measurement

T. Dahms:

Production and suppression of mu states in Pb-Pb collisions

T. Engelmore:

Open heavy flavor measurements at PHENIX

J. Stachel:

Open heavy flavor production in ALICE and its connection to quarkonium production

C. Lourenco:

The beauty of quarkonium suppression

K. Redlich:

Canonical description of charm and bottom production in e^+e^-, pA, πA, pp and \bar pp collisions

P. Braun-Munzinger:

Charmonium production, statistical hadronization and LHC data

P. Braun-Munzinger:

Helmholtz Allianz ‘Cosmic Matter in the Laboratory’ ExtreMe Matter Institute

Friday, 30th

S. Sasaki:

Progress in lattice QCD relevant for charmonium physics

M. Asakawa:

Heavy mesonic spectral functions at finite temperature and finite momentum

C. Allton:

Quarkonia spectral functions and potentials

P. Petreczky:

Spectral functions in potential models and lattice QCD

R. Gavai:

Can lattice QCD account for charm flow at PHENIX ?

C. Ratti:

Correlations and fluctuations from lattice QCD

A. Drago:

Phases of dense and hot matter in chiral models

P. Colangelo:

Hadrons in a holographic approach to finite temperature (and density) QCD

W.M. Alberico:

Heavy flavor spectra in nucleus-nucleus collision

D. Blaschke:

Mott dissociation of heavy quarkonia

P. Zhuang:

What is new in quarkonium production at RHIC and LHC?

N. Borghini:

Heavy quarkonia in a medium as a dissipative quantum system: master equation approach

N. Dutta:

Heavy quarkonia in medium as open quantum dissipative system. A wave function based approach ...

B. Patra:

Strongly interacting QGP and quarkonium suppression at RHIC and LHC energies

P. Castorina:

Non commutativity and Lorentz violation in relativistic heavy ion collisions

A. Drago:

The hypothesis of superluminal neutrinos: comparing OPERA with other data