Plenary Talks

Ruth Durrer
What Galaxy Surveys Really Measure

Ken Ganga
The First Planck Cosmological Results

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Session A

Michael Köhn
The Quantum Billiards of Cosmological Singularities in (Super-)Gravity Theories

Florian Kühnel
Analogue Black-Hole Formation

Gerasimos Rigopoulos
Fluctuation, Dissipation and Equilibrium for a Scalar Field in deSitter

Yi Zhu
IR Divergences for Scalar Fields in deSitter: Field Theoretic vs. Stochastic Approaches

Samuel Flender
ISW Signal of Rare Superstructures in LCDM

Dominik Bomans
Extreme Emission Line Galaxies in the Early Universe

Alexander Wiegand
Minkowski Functionals of the SDSS LRGs

Chris Byrnes
Learning about Small Scale Perturbation in a Big Universe

Session B

Mariele Motta
Observables and Unobservables in Dark Energy Cosmology

Ulrich Feindt
Investigating Anisotropies in the Local Universe with the Nearby Supernova Factory

Benedikt Kalus
Constraints on Anisotropic Cosmic Expansion from Supernovae

Hermano Velten
Dissipation of Dark Matter

Michela D'Onofrio
Electrically Charged Curvaton

Thorsten Battefeld
Two-Field Open Inflation: Observational Imprints?

Diederik Roest
Inflationary Implications of Supersymmetry Breaking

Sebastien Clesse
New Constraints on F-Term and D-Term Hybrid Inflation 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Session A

Hao Liu
Some New Findings for the Ecliptic Foreground in CMB Detection

Valery Dikarev
The Microwave Thermal Emission of Zodiacal Dust Predicted with Contemporary Meteoroid Models

Martin Hansen
Recent Parity Asymmetry Results from Planck

Anne Mette Frejsel
Consistency Checks of Planck and WMAP Sky Maps

Alexander Eggemeier
Enhanced Preheating after Multi-Field Inflaton: On the Importance of Being Special

Frank Glowna
Right-Handed Neutrino Production at Finite Temperature: Radiative Corrections, Soft and Collinear Divergences

Marco Drewes
The Kinematics of Cosmic Reheating

Germano Nardini
Electroweak Phase Transition in the Early Universe

Session B

Jean-Luc Lehner
Implications of the Planck Results for Inflationary and Cyclic Models

Drazen Glavan
Quantum Backreaction in Cosmology

Rhiannon Gwyn
Relations Between Canonical and Non-Canonical Inflation

Manuel Krämer
The Modification of the Primordial Power Spectrum from Canonical Quantum Gravity

Isabell Oldengott
Boltzmann Hierarchy for Interacting Neutrinos

Florian Führer
The Impact of Massive Neutrinos on the Matter Bispectrum

Samae Bagheri
The Trajectories of Photons in an Averaged Space Time

Jan Weenink
Non-Linear Gauge Invariance and Frame Independence in Cosmology