Thursday, May 3, 2012

Valerie Domcke
DESY Hamburg

Spontaneous B-L breaking as the origin of the hot early universe

Marco Drewes
RWTH Aachen

Neutrinos as the origin of dark and baryonic matter

Florian Führer
RWTH Aachen

Large scale structur with massive neutrinos and cold dark matter at second order

Matti Herranen
RWTH Aachen

Resonant leptogenesis from nonequilibrium QFT

Florian Kühnel
LMU München

A paradise island for deformed gravity

Seshadri Nadathur
Bielefeld University

The ISW effect of superstructures

Germano Nardini
Bielefeld University

Electroweak baryogenesis in non-standard cosmology

Patrick Peter
IAP, GReCo Paris

The universe as a closed quantum system

Thomas Schwetz-Mangold
MPI Heidelberg

News from Neutrinos

Bin Wu
Bielefeld University

Cold electroweak baryogenesis in the two Higgs-doublet model


Friday, May 4, 2012

Thorsten Battefeld

On the unlikeliness of multi-field inflation: Bounded random potentials and our vacuum

Song Chen

Anomalous parity asymmetry of the CMB

Martin Hansen

Faraday rotation as a diagnostic of galactic foreground contamination of CMB maps

Subodh Patil
CPHT Ecole Polytechnique Paris

CMB imprints of pre-inflationary dynamics

Gerasimos Rigopoulos
RWTH Aachen

A non-linear approximation for cosmological inhomogeneities

Fritz Röpke
Würzburg und MPA Garching

Type Ia supernovae - the astrophysics behind cosmological probes

Vincent Vennin
IAP Paris

Stochastic effects in hybrid inflation

Jan Weenink

Frame independent cosmological perturbations

Alexander Wiegand
Bielefeld University

Backreaction in the relativistic Zel'dovich approximation