13. Kosmologietag

Plenary Talks

Laura Covi
Dark Matter: a Cosmo-Astro-Particle connection

Mark Hindmarsh
Gravitational waves from phase transition in the early Universe

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Marvin Pinkwart
Entropy Methods for CMB analysis

Marius Peper
Forecasting the Cosmic Radio Dipole

Thilo Siewert
Forecast of the Cosmic Radio dipole measurements for the SKA continuum survey

Domink Bomans
Lessons for Reionization local metal-poor dwarf galaxies

Cornelius Rampf
Shell-crossing in quasi-one-dimensional flow

Carsten Littek
Structure Formation with axion dark matter in kenetic field theory

Alexander Klaus
Sterile Neutrino Production


Friday, May 4, 2018

Dietrich Bödeker
Electroweak bubble Wall Speed Limit

Christian Doering
Gravitational waves from Peccei-Quinn symmetry breaking

Mandy Wygas
Evolution of Chemical Potential in the Early Universe

Chris Byrnes
Black hole formation during the QCD phase transition

Florian Kühnel
New constraints on primordial blck holes as dark matter