Monday, August 27

Tom Claeys
Large gap asymptotics at the hard edge for product random matrices and Muttalib-Borodin ensembles

Sean O'Rourke
Universality and least singular values of random matrix product

Burak Cakmak
Cavity method for Boltzmann machine learning: free probability approach

Serban Belinschi
Free noncommutative functions and applications to random matrix theory

Jesper R. Ipsen
From multilayered complex systems to products of random matrices

Manon Defosseux
Pitman transforms and Brownian motion in the interval

Adrien Hardy
DLR equations for the sine-beta process


Tuesday, August 28

Arno Kuijlaars
Universality of the Muttalib-Borodin ensemble at the hard edge

Dong Wang
Muttalib-Borodin ensemble with general potential via 1 x 2 vector-valued Riemann-Hilbert problem

Giuseppa Alfano
Products of Ginibre and deterministic matrices in the analysis of correlated multiantenna

Lamberto Rondoni
From quantum multibarrier systems to boundary driven Zero Range models

Aleksander Yu. Orlov
Hurwitz numbers and matrix integrals

Eugene Strahov
Product matrix processes as limits of plane partitions

Wojciech Mlotkowski
Fuss Catalan numbers in noncommutative probability


Wednesday, August 29

Yacin Ameur
The normal matrix model with a hard edge spectrum

Giuseppe Caire
Truncated Polynomial Expansion of Precoders and Receivers for Massive MIMO Wireless Communications

Thorsten Neuschel
Critical behavior for Gaussian perturbations of Hermitian matrices

Nick Simm
The real spectrum of a product of Ginibre matrices

Romuald Lenczewski
Random matrices, continuous circular systems and the triangular operator

Aleksander Tikhomirov
Local law for spectra of product of random matrices under moment conditions

Torben Krüger
Local law for polynomials of Wigner matrices


Thursday, August 30

Vadim Gorin
Macroscopic fluctuations for sums and products of invariant matrices

Holger Kösters
On some product matrices with heavy-tailed limiting spectral distributions

Tobias Mai
Regularity properties of limiting eigenvalue distributions by means of free probability theory

Octavio Arizmendi Echegaray
Finte Free Probability

Wojciech Tarnowski
eigenvector non-orthogonality in non-Hermitian random matrices

Zdzislaw Burda
Limiting Laws for Lyapunov Spectra For Products of Ginibre Matrices


Friday, August 31

Oleg Zaboronski
Ginibre Evolutions in the large-N limit

Jacek Grela
Full Dysonian Dynamics of the Complex Ginibre Ensemble

Dang-Zheng Liu
Spectral statistics for product matrix ensembles of Hermite type with external source

Lun Zhang
Asymptotic analysis of the product of two coupled random matrices

Santosh Kumar
Some Composite Ensembles of Random Matrices: Eigenvalue Statistics and Applications

Maciej Nowak
Wishart ensemble versus quantum-mechanical hydrogen atom problem