Springworkshop & 11. Kosmologietag

Plenary Talks

Gerhard Schäfer
Extraction and Estimation of the Parameters that Characterize GW150914

Harald Skarke
Cosmic Acceleration as an Optical Illusion

Laura Spitler
An Overview of Fast Radio Bursts


Guy Moore
Axion Mass - Dark Matter Abundance Relation

Chihway Chang
Exploring the Dark - Weak Lensing with the Dark Energy Survey and Beyond


Thursday, April 26, 2016

Omar Contigiani
Cosmological Alignment of Radio Sources

Isabel Oldengott
Models of Reionization and Dark Matter Decay


Mickael Rigault
Accurate Measurement of the Hubble Constant with Type Ia Supernovae

Karen Schulze-Koops
General Relativistic Ray Optics in a Nonmagnetized, Pressureless two-fluid Plasma

Giorgia Pollina
Cosmology with Cosmic Voids

Behnam Javanmardi
Near Field Cosmology with Small Telescopes: Finding Dwarf Satellite Galaxies outside the Local Group

Steffen Hagstotz
Hunting Neutrinos and Modified Gravity with Clusters of Galaxies

Tommi Tenkanen
Observational Properties of Weakly Coupled Dark Matter

Cora Uhlemann
Large-Deviation Statistics on the Cosmic Density Field

Christian Fidler
Relativistic Interpretations of N-Body Simulations

Stefan Oslowski
Gravitational-Wave Cosmology across 29 Decades in Frequency


Friday, April 29, 2016

Chris Byrnes
Inflation and the Cosmic Microwave Background Anomalies

Jonathan Frazer
Simple Power Spectra from Complex Inflationary Physics - Part 1

Mafalda Dias
Simple Power Spectra from Complex Inflationary Physics - Part 2

Juraj Klaric
Leptogenesis in GeV Seesaw Models with Large Mixing Angles

Marco Drewes
What Can the CMB Tell about Cosmic Reheating?

Gaoyuan Wang
Vacuum Selection on Axionic Landscape