Thursday, May 5, 2011

Paola Arias, DESY Hamburg
Testing a hidden CMB with ALPS and SHIPS

Chiara Arina, RWTH Aachen
Direct detection and gamma-ray signatures of a light scalar WIMP

Thorsten Battefeld, Göttingen
Trapped inflation in higher dimensional field spaces

Iain Brown, Oslo
Magnetic non-Gaussianities

Michela D'Onofrio, Helsinki
The sphaleron rate at the electroweak crossover

Mischa Gerstenlauer, Heidelberg
Inflationary correlation functions without infrared divergences

Jan Hamann, Aarhus
How many Neutrino species are there?

Friedrich Hehl, Cologne
Poincare gauge theory of gravity: Friedman cosmologies with even and odd parity modes

Matti Herranen, RWTH Aachen
Flavoured Leptogenesis from nonequilibrium QFT

Dominika Konikowska, Würzburg
Dilaton gravity at the brane with general matter-dilaton coupling

Manuel Krämer, Cologne
Quantum gravitational contributions to the CMB anisotropy spectrum

Florian Kühnel, LMU Munich
Cosmological massive gravity

Samuel Leach, SISSA Trieste
Planck: Status and results

Larissa Lorenz, Louvain
Cosmic string loop distribution with a gravitational wave cutoff

Heike Modest, MPE Garching
Gaussianities at large scales in the view of Minkowski functionals and scaling indices

Johannes Noller, Imperial College London
Non-Gaussianity in single field models without slow-roll

Sami Nurmi, Nordita Stockholm
Scale-dependent non-Gaussianity

Gregor Rossmanith, MPE Garching
Probing non-Gaussianities on an incomplete sky

Kai Schmitz, DESY Hamburg
Entropy, Baryon asymmetry and dark matter from heavy Neutrino decay

Parinya Sirimachan, Bremen
Geodesics in the space-time with cosmic strings

Maik Stuke, Bielefeld
News for the first second of the universe


Friday, May 6, 2011

Juliane Behrend, Utrecht
Recent developments in the covariant averaging approach

Fedor Bezrukov, LMU Munich
How to explain the universe with electroweak scale only

Chris Clarkson, Cape Town
Dark energy and inhomogeneity

Encieh Erfani, Bonn
Running-mass inflation model and primordial black holes

Christian Fidler, RWTH Aachen
B polarization from second order scattering sources at recombination

Sander Mooji, NIKHEF Amsterdam
Goldstone bosons in Higgs inflation

Erandy Ramirez Perez, TU Munich
An alternative scenario of inflation

Cornelius Rampf, RWTH Aachen
The matter bispectrum - LPT vs EPT

Christian Steinwachs, Cologne
Frame dependence of quantum corrections in cosmology

Wessel Valkenburg, RWTH Aachen
Living in the cold spot

Jan Weenink, Utrecht
Gauge invariant cosmological perturbations for the nonminimally coupled inflaton field

Alexander Wiegand, Bielefeld
Fluctuations of local cosmic parameters