Friday 11. December 2015

Satya Majumdar
Finite temperature free fermions, random matrix theory and the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation at fintite time

Pavel Bleher
Six-vertex model with partial domain wall boundary conditions: Exact solution

Antti Knowles
Local eigenvalue statistics for random regular graphs

Christopher Joyner
Spectral statistics of Bernoulli matrix ensembles - a random walk approach

Martin Zirnbauer
A random-matrix perspective on disordered phonons

Christophe Texier
Interpolating between Laguerre and "inverse Laguerre" ensembles & Topological phase transitions in the 1D multichannel Dirac equation with random mass

Nicholas Simm
Random matrix theory and log-correlated Gaussian fields

Grégory Schehr
Finite N corrections to the limiting distribution of the smallest eigenvalue of Wishart complex matrices


Saturday 12. December 2015

Arno Kuijlaars
Persistence of singular behavior in unitary ensembles plus GUE

Eugene Strahov
Correlation functions for products of coupled random matrices

Francesco Mezzadri
Global Fluctuations of Linear Statistics of beta Ensembles

Rostyslav Kozhan
Eigenvalue statistics for rank one perturbations of unitary and Hermitian beta-ensembles

Henning Schomerus
Delay times in chiral ensembles-signatures of chaotic scattering from Majorana zero modes

Maurice Duits
Fluctuations of linear statistics for determinantal processes through recurrence matrices

Tom Claeys
Gaussian perturbations of random matrices with a hard edge