Lecture Notes

Satya Majumdar
Top eigenvalue of a random matrix: 3-rd order phase transition and applications
Distribution of bipartite entanglement of a random pure state

Top eigenvalue of a random matrix: Large deviations

Wishart random matrices, vicious walkers and 2-d Yang-Mills gauge theory

Yan Fyodorov
High-dimensional random fields and random matrix theory 

Ivan Corwin
Integrable particle systems and Macdonald processes
Lecture 1

Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4

Ralf Müller
Random Matrices in Communications Engineering

Roland Speicher
Free probability theory and random matrices

Sebastian Müller
Universality in quantum chaos

Craig A. Tracy
Integrable models in statistical physics


Contributed talkes

Yuchen Pei
A q-wighted Robinson-Schensted algorithm

Alexey Naumov
On the smallest singular value of large random matrices with correlated entries

Arjun Krishnan
Variational formula for first passage percolation

Tim Wirtz
Distribution of the smallest eigenvalue in the correlated Wishart model

Nick Simm
fBm with Hurst index H=0 and statistics of GUE characteristic polynomials

Jesper R. Ipsen
Products of rectangular Gaussian matrices

David Renfrew
Finite rank perturbation of non-hermitian random matrices

Leonid Chaichenets
Communication in wireless ad hoc networks

Anthony Mays
Power control on a random wireless network with asymmetric interference

Jeffrey Kuan
Three-dimensional Gaussian fluctuations of noncommutative random surface growth

Fabio Deelan Cunden
Polarized ensembles of random quantum states

Antonio Lerario
Statistics on Hilbert's sixteenth problem

Artur Swiech
Applications of generalized free addition and multiplication laws

Taro Nagao
The spectral density of scale-free networks