Tristan Benoist
Quantum trajectories and non i.i.d. random products of matrices

H. Adrian Ortega Rosales
Transport in small correlated disordered networks 

Dmitry Zaporozhets
On distribution of algebraic numbers

Fabio Deelan Cunden
Time-delay matrix for chaotic cavities: new results and a conjecture

Aurelien Grabsch
Linear statistics restricted to the largest eigenvalues of random matrices


Christopher Joyner
A discrete random walk approach to spectral statistics in Bernoulli matrix ensembles


Offer Kopelivitch



Mareike Lager
Density of States for Random Band Matrices in d = 2 via the supersymmetric approach

Martin Lohmann
Density of States of Gaussian Random Band Matrices

Theodoros Assiotis
Interlacing Diffusions

Petri Tuisku
The Energy Density in the Toric Ising Model

Nanda Kishore Reddy
Hole Probabilities for Finite and Infinite Ginibre Ensembles

Alexey Naumov
On the Local Semicircular Law for Wigner Ensembles

Jesper R. Ipsen
Geometric Dyson Brownian motion and May-Wigner stability